10 Good Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Here are 10 good ways to ask a girl out. Guys are always looking for creative ways to ask a girl out. The best way to determine which of these dating approaches works for you is to try them out and see what kind of results you get. Being romantic and creative are both essential to asking a girl out.

  1. The "tag-along" approach. When you are talking to the girl you want to ask out, lay out an evening of plans to her that you feel would make an excellent date. If you see that she is interested in what you are saying, ask her if she would like to come along with you. It is a subtle way of asking her out.
  2. The "happen to be going" approach. As you talk to a girl you need to pay attention to how she reacts to what you are saying. Start talking about places in town that are good places to go on a date. When she mentions that she really likes a particular place you mentioned, tell her that you just happen to be going there tonight and ask her if she would like to come along. It is a smooth approach that belongs on the list of good ways to ask a girl out.
  3. The group approach. It can sometimes be easier to get a date with a girl if you are going as part of a group. If you and the girl have mutual friends, then arrange an evening out for the group and ask the girl to come along with you.
  4. The high risk approach. If there is a concert or stage production that the girl you know really wants to go to then buy two tickets for the performance as soon as they go on sale. Ask her to go with you as soon as you have the tickets. This approach is all about timing because you want to make sure you get the tickets before she gets a ticket of her own, or someone else buys her a ticket. If you can time it right, this would definitely be a good way to ask a girl out.
  5. The nervous approach. This can be another high risk maneuver, but at least it will not cost you any money. Girls sometimes like a guy that shows signs of being nervous when asking her out. Build up the nerve and just ask her, but be sure you make it obvious that you are at least a little nervous. If you can get it to come off as cute, then you are on your way.
  6. The dessert approach. If you are in a restaurant and see a beautiful girl eating alone, send dessert over to her and have the waiter tell her it is compliments of you. Then walk over and to her and ask her if you can buy her the rest of the meal at dinner some time.
  7. The town approach. If the girl you are talking to seems to enjoy the city you are in, then offer to show her the town for the afternoon.
  8. The sports approach. Offer to take her to a sporting event. Many women enjoy going to live sports events and it is someplace where you will feel comfortable.
  9. The "going anyway" approach. If you find out that you and the girl happen to be going to the same event, then offer to go together. A good example of this is an office Christmas party or a mutual friend's birthday celebration.
  10. The spontaneous approach. Instead of planning something, just ask her to go out on the spot. For example, instead of planning on going to a movie just say to her "let's go see that movie right now". She may be attracted to a spontaneous person.
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