10 Good Wrestling Moves

Looking for 10 good wrestling moves? Look no further, because we've got the perfect list for you right here. Wrestling is a dynamic and rewarding sport that can take years to get good at. Performing well in wrestling is all about having the right moves, techniques, and strategies designed to take down your opponent. If you would like to learn more about 10 good wrestling moves to master, continue reading. 

  1. Bicep Crusher. Just as the name suggests, the bicep crusher involves the crushing of your opponent's biceps. First, drop your opponent down to the floor and slide your arm into his elbow. Then, push his forearm towards his bicep. This intense wrestling move is one that is great to master as it is used a lot in Olympic wrestling. 
  2. Boston Crab. This basic wrestling move is a submission hold that all wrestler's will want to learn sooner or later. Position yourself between your opponent's ankles and place his ankles under your arm pits. Stand up, roll them over, and bend your knees while leaning back. 
  3. Superplex. This is another very basic move, but a very useful move as well. The superplex is a maneuver that is among one of the coolest looking wrestling moves in existence. To do this move, stand on the second or third rope and apply a forceful front face lock over your opponent. 
  4. Lock arm. The lock arm is a standard wrestling move that is used very frequently. To perform this maneuver, lock your left arm around your opponent's right arm and pull it into his groin area. You should also raise your head in a backward motion and look over the right shoulder which will cause your opponent's hand to move down. 
  5. Block. A block is a good wrestling move that is pretty simple to learn. You simply move the left hand across the mat and under your opponent's right side. This will cause him to move his hip to the right and lower the right shoulder. 
  6. Sharpshooter. This famous wrestling move has been used by wrestler Brett Hart many times, but it could have your opponent crying like a baby if he isn't man enough! With the sharpshooter, you cross your opponent's legs and push them over towards his body. A very intense, yet painful maneuver. 
  7. Leg Drop. This good wrestling move has been used by Hulk Hogan on numerous occasions. Simply find a way to knock over your opponent inside the ring and jump on him, dropping your leg across your opponent's defenseless body. It is important to learn how to perform this maneuver safely, and to not seriously injure your opponent. 
  8. Basic headlock. One of the most basic wrestling moves you can learn is the headlock. It is also very important and useful, however. To master the perfect headlock, you must cradle your opponent's head with the right amount of strength and skill. Be careful not to choke him, as this is not permitted. 
  9. Near arm chop. Basically, the near arm chop involves the chopping of your opponent's left arm. Use your left arm to achieve this, and be sure to chop toward the opponent's stomach. It is also important not to let your right hip and leg drop below his leg and hip. 
  10. The cradle. Another very basic wrestling maneuver, the cradle is one of the most important skills to master in this dynamic sport. While your opponent is on his stomach, quickly grasp his head and get a good grab on his right shoulder using your left hand. Move your hand between the knees of your opponent, and run your feet towards the head. 
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