10 Goodbye For Now Songs

Music can do wonders for the emotions, and heart and soul of a person, it can say everything about a relationship—just like these 10 goodbye for now songs we've complied. A person can play a song and have it sum up their heartbreak, or their elation.

  1. “I'll Be There,”By the Jackson Five.  This is both a song of support and love. It gives the feeling that there will always be a person there for someone whether they climb to the highest heights or if they've fallen and can't get up.
  2. “Islands In The Stream,” By Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.  A beautiful song with an engaging rhythm and beat that makes a person feel like they could be passing their soul mate on the street at any given time, and so they should keep their eyes open.
  3. “Don't Go Breaking My Heart,” by  Elton John and Kiki D.  A song that doesn't always bring up the thought of why it belongs on the ten goodbye for now songs list, it is both sweet and sentimental.  It easily expresses the worry any new lover has when falling deeply in love.
  4. “It's Your Love,” By Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.  Notice the theme of duets on this ten goodbye for now songs?  It's a wonderful way to pass through the sentiment of love in a song.  This lovely duet talks about the way great love lifts a partner to higher spots.
  5. “Always And Forever,” by Heatwave.  Whether they stay together or not it's best to have the love passed along in a forever capacity.  This song does just that and therefore deserves its spot on the ten goodbye for now songs list.  Its upbeat and has great lyrics portraying the never ending nature of true love.
  6. “Eternal Flame,”by The Bangles.  This song is such a classic that it barely needs an introduction or an explanation to its placing on the ten goodbye for now songs list.  Who thought a band known for its dance numbers could compose such a heartbreaker.
  7. “Careless Whisper,”  by Wham!  This is a ditty not reminiscent of a short term break up, but a higher romance.  It's a great song of unsure lovers meeting with the promise of a larger adventure.
  8. “Missing You,” by Dianna Ross.  The title alone speaks of the reason for this great song's placement on the ten best goodbye for now songs.  Ross's voice is like no other and makes these simple lyrics immortal.
  9. “Crazy For You,” by Madonna.  Madonna not only came up with some of the best songs of the eighties to dance to.  She also has had some great love songs, not the least of which is this number, telling a tale of two lovers head over heels for each other.  One of the best good bye for now songs, because it lets a lover know their crazy love will last.
  10.  “Cruisin',” by Huey Luis and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Simply put, a best goodbye for now songs list wouldn't be complete without this jaw dropping number.  Who knew Paltrow had such a fantastic voice? This song speaks of road trips and loving someone forever, if they want it.
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