10 Graduation Gifts For Doctors

Here are 10 graduation gifts for doctors. If you are the proud parent, friend or relative of a graduate who is going on to be a doctor, you are likely searching for just the right thing to show your appreciation, pride and hope for his future.

  1. Give an engraved gold or crystal plaque with his name and "M.D." or "Dr." on it. This is something he may display in private practice, at his desk in a hospital or at his office in any place he chooses to practice medicine. It's something he may keep forever, so make sure to put effort into what you choose. Make it personalized to his preferences, such as his favorite metal, fonts and other personal wishes. If in doubt, offer to take him to pick it out.
  2. Give a joke gift of wildly decorated scrubs. That makes for a hilarious graduation gift for doctors. Perhaps you'll go for a Hawaiian shirt design or some extremely tacky, wild color. Go as crazy as you can when picking them out, in order to get the biggest laugh from he doctor-to-be. You may also want to get a real gift alongside it.
  3. Give a gift basket with a medical theme. If you can't choose one particular gift, you may prefer a care package in the form of a gift basket. Fill it with these that you know the graduate will enjoy. Since the transition time between graduation to practicing medicine is tough for doctors who don't have family financial support, you may consider gift baskets to practical shops alongside the other presents. Give many small graduation gifts for the doctor.
  4. Give a movie with a doctor as its hero. There are many, many movies featuring doctors. Pick a sentimental favorite, such as "Patch Adams," which is based on a true story of a courageous doctor who dared to make a difference.
  5. Give a really nice cell phone. Doctors are going to need to be on call, and it should be as fun of an experience as possible. Give him his ideal smart phone.
  6. Pick out a truly nice frame for the graduate's degree. Because doctors will need to display their degree, this is perhaps one of the most thoughtful graduation gifts for doctors. Don't cut any corners on this present, though, and pick a frame that will match most decor.
  7. A radio or CD alarm clock makes for a great graduation gift for a doctor. Write a funny card about how they can get used to getting up early now, as a light-hearted touch to it. Although it may play as a graduation gift, it will be useful to him in his professional life.
  8. Consider adding to an existing collection. When it comes to graduation gifts for doctors, chances are that most presents will have a medical theme. You may opt to break that and simply give the graduating doctor something you know he'll love. Give him something that you already know he collects.
  9. Give the graduating doctor a monogrammed ink pen. Go for an authentic, great quality pen, such as those offered by Montblanc. You can even place "M.D." at the end. First, find out how he prefers to be addressed as a doctor. Although much joking is had about a doctor's handwriting, it's something he will use often.
  10. Give a journal as a graduation present for a doctor. Write an inscription on how it is to chronicle his journey from the origins of his career after graduation, with he hopes that he will continue to record his journey, even after this journal is full. It's a great way of making a doctor understand the importance of his journey and career, and he may be inspired to keep records as he goes.
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