10 Great French Songs 2010

This list of 10 great French songs 2010 is going to change the way you think about Francophiles. Those who love France, typically donned "Francophiles" or "Gallophiles," know all about great French songs, but what about the Average Joe? Not many of us have heard French songs on Western radio stations outside of the country, but we're willing to give it a try. So let's dive into the world of the great French songs of 2010, shall we?

  1. "Alors on danse" by Stromae. Belgian singer Stromae managed to secure the #2 spot on France's top-selling singles list of 2010. "Alors on danse" is a hip-house track that takes cues from both pop and electro music to make one astonishing track. It reached #1 in many northern and central European countries.
  2. "Mignon Mignon" by Rene la Taupe. Among the top French songs of 2010 was "Mignon Mignon," a pop track sung by the virtual groundhog Rene la Taupe (Rene the Mole). The lyrics are cute, funny, and were dubbed "naive" by many popular music critics.
  3. "Dingue, dingue, dingue" by Christophe Mae. This rhythmic pop song was released by Warner Music and recorded by popular French signer Christophe Mae. Its spontaneous nature and popular reception made "Dingue, dingue, dingue" the ninth best selling single in France in 2010.
  4. "Bleu Noir" by Mylene Farmer. "Bleu Noir" is the eighth studio album released by Mylene Farmer. In it, Farmer borrows influences from electronica, pop-rock, and electropop to fuse together a brilliant piece of art among other French songs.
  5. "Danse" by Gregoire. "Danse" is on the 2010 album "Le Meme Soleil" ("The Same Sun") composed by French artist Gregoire. The track is largely identified as pop-music, and is a mere 2:56 in length. Nonetheless, it's a very good track and example of modern French music.
  6. "Allez Ola Ole" by Jessy Matador. Representing France at the Eurovision Song Contest, "Allez Ola Ole" is a dancehall/pop track that received notoriety in the early months of 2010. Jessy's song placed 12th out of 25 and is still widely played in the country as of 2011.
  7. "Oui mais… non" by Mylene Farmer. "Yes but… no," as the song is known among the English-speaking population, is a 2010 electropop single that will make people everywhere dance. Lady Gaga, along with Kylie Minogue, has said that she likes the song.
  8. "Spiritus Dei" by The Priests. An oddball among French songs, "Spiritus Dei" (on an album of the same name) is a gospel track that led the CD to the French SNEP's number one spot for nine consecutive weeks. The song is 4:13 long and uses scores from George Frideric Handel.
  9. "Le long du large" by Coeur de pirate. Leading the self-titled album, "Le long du large" is a pop song that solidified a nomination among the Juno Awards upon its release. It is accompanied by other great French songs such as "Pour un infidele" on its album.
  10. "Desole" by Sexion d'Assaut. "Desole" is a track released by French hip-hop group "Sexion d'Assaut." The track reached the #4 best selling single of 2010 within France according to the SNEP, and garnered attention as one of the group's five singles of that year.

The music of France is widely diverse. The great French songs of every year are often hard to figure out, considering that roughly half of most popular music in France is of another language (usually English). Enjoy the above tracks from one of the most artistically cultivated cultures in the world, and Vive la Revolution musicale!

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