10 Great Mystery Movies

The best way to do a movie marathon is to watch 10 great mystery movies. The Mystery genre has been around a long time and produced some really intriguing movies. Next time you have a rainy day  in your forecast find a way to pick up these 10 great mystery movies and do your own movie marathon. With actors ranging from Brad Pitt to Jack Nicholson some of the bets performances have been performed in these 10 great mystery movies.

  1. "Fight Club". One of the more recent films that is on this list of 10 great mystery movies also happens to be the best. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton deliver the best performances of their careers in this psychological mystery movie. Watching this movies a second time is a lot different than the first viewing.
  2. "Psycho". Probably the best know mystery or horror movie there is. Hitchcock's 1960 mystery thriller goes down as the most recognizable of the 10 great mystery movies and make everyone afraid of taking a show even today.
  3. "Se7en". Another one of the 10 great mystery movies that has Brad Pitt in it also has a killer performance by Morgan Freeman. This mystery had a great theme to it with the killer using the seven sins to kill his victims. The killer in the movie is really creative with his executions.
  4. "12 Angry Men". Not only is this one of the 10 great mystery movies, but it is one of the best courtroom drama movies ever. This movie is still as powerful today as it was half a century ago when it was made in 1957. A classic directed by  Sidney Lumet.
  5. "The Shining". No list of 10 great mystery movies is complete without "The Shining". Jack Nicholson gives one of the most insane performances ever in this movie wrote by Steven King. Watch this movie, you know what they say about all work and no play.
  6. "The Sixth Sense". There is not a more fitting position for this movie in the top 10 great mystery movies. Bruce Willis takes a break from being such a die hard guy and stars in a great mystery movie with an awesome ending twist.
  7. "Fracture". Sir Anthony Hopkins earns his place in the 10 great mystery movies with Fracture. The storyline and writing are superb and with the great casting it really makes the movie a thrilling experience. Its a legal game of chess as a man kills his wife and then works the justice system to get away with it.
  8. "The Bourne Identity". The original Bourne movie is one of the 10 great mystery movies to see, but it is also the best spy film out there. The movie really draws you in as Jason Bourne searches to find out who he is. Robert Ludlum's book by the same name is surpassed by this great mystery movie.
  9. "The Bourne Ultimatum". The third Bourne movie is one of 10 great mystery movies you have to check out. Matt Damon bring to life Jason Bourne for the third time trying to avoid a ruthless cia agent and find out about his past.
  10. "The Usual Suspects". Steven Baldwin and Kevin Spacey both give blow out performances in "The Usual Suspects". This great mystery about who is Kyser Soze rounds off the 10 great mystery movies you need to watch in grand style. It will definitely float your boat, if it doesn't get blown up first!
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