10 Great Pickup Lines That Work

Want 10 great pickup lines that work from a woman's perspective? If you really want to know which pickup lines work, ask a woman. If you ask a man, you're already failing at the game.  Only a woman is going to be able to tell you what she finds attractive and successful in getting her attention.  Some men turn females off when approaching them with lame duck pick up lines.  But if you approach a woman with one of these lines, you're sure to get her attention and probably keep her interested for the night if not longer.

  1. "I was just showing this flower how beautiful you are." Make sure you are holding a flower when you approach the woman who has captured your heart with this pickup line. This is one of the absolute best pickup lines. A woman has to smile when a man approaches her with this one.
  2. "Do you have a quarter I can borrow?" If she answers NO! Respond, "Oh, I needed to call God and tell him one of his angels is missing." This is an absolute gorgeous pickup line and is way too cute to even think of discouraging a guy. 
  3. "Hi, my name is Chance. Do I have one?" This pickup line would have to make a woman smile if nothing else. It is the usual pickup line women tend to hear often and to hear it just perks you up immediately.
  4. "Can I have a picture of you?" She will ask why! You will say, "so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas." It's the perfect pickup line around the holidays and a pickup line that would make any woman feel complimented not demeaned. 
  5. "If this was my last day on earth, I would love to spend it with you."  Most women would feel complimented because knowing it's your last day on Earth would mean you want to make it a special day and you're definitely going to spend it with someone special.
  6. "What is the mesmerizing fragrance you are wearing?" The key here is to make sure when you ask this question that she is wearing a mesmerizing fragrance.  Make sure the perfume is something of quality that has an appeal. If you're not sure, ask a friend to also take a whiff inconspicuously of course. Women love to have their expensive colognes and perfumes complimented. This is a pickup line that is sure to work if she has on an exceptional fragrance.
  7. "Tell her you've marked your territory." Park next to the girl of your dreams. When she gets out of her car, let your door touch hers. Make sure not to leave a dent. When she looks at the door, let her know you made sure to leave no noticeable mark, but if you noticed any interest in her stare or look before, let her know this time, you marked your territory. This is a pickup line that is guaranteed to get the conversation started.  
  8. "You look nice." Great line for the well dressed woman. Any woman who takes time and care to dress well and take care of her appearance wants to be noticed and wants to be complimented. When a man compliments her and she finds that man appealing, it can be worth the effort.
  9. "You have beautiful eyes." All women love to be complimented.  Simple, sincere compliments can do wonders in starting a conversation. Take a look at her and compliment her eyes. The tried and true pickup line that never fails.
  10. "Love the shoes you're wearing." If you have ever watched the movie "American President" you surely noticed the scene in which Michael Douglas' daughter tells him to "compliment her shoes."  Women love their shoes. It's a fact.  Women spend more time purchasing shoes than they do any other portion of their attire. So to make points, compliment her shoes. 
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