10 Great Places To Travel Alone

Ready to go on a solo vacation and want to pick one the 10 great places to travel alone? Each one of these fantastic getaways offer sightseeing, clubs for parties and an adventure of a lifetime. Just because you’re traveling alone doesn’t mean you won’t meet others like you. In these cities, you’ll definitely bump into all sorts of travelers like you.

  1. Las Vegas What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This is a sure bet for solo travelers, but a not-so-sure bet you’ll stay solo during your stay.
  2. Athens, Greece Home of ancient Greek gods and the world’s most incredible ancient ruins. Also, Greek food is delicious, making this a great place to travel alone and eat your heart out.
  3. Barcelona, Spain Do you love big cities thriving with culture and people full of electric flare? Barcelona might just be right for you. It doesn’t hurt to know that Spanish women are sexy!
  4. St. Moritz, Switzerland If you love to ski, this is the destination for you. Slopes, famous people and resorts out the whazoo! You won’t be lonesome for long, but if you wish to ski alone all day, no problem.
  5. New York City Broadway shows, designer stores to the max and a myopia of art and culture. New York is by far one of the ten best great places to travel alone to absorb the culture.
  6. Florence, Italy City full of art lovers and alluring music with ancient history makes this a perfect place to lose yourself. Not that you’ll get lost for the people are noted as friendly and helpful.
  7. Marseille, France While Paris is for couples, Marseille is for the adventurer interested in galleries, ancient ruins, museums and eateries. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll find Marseille as one of the ten great places to travel solo.
  8. Mexico City, Mexico Do you like the night life? A city crowded with people, spicy food and more sites to visit in a single trip? Mexico City, while crowded, is filled with tourists from all over the world. You’ll probably bump into a few on your trip.
  9. Sydney, Australia If you like backpacking and the great outdoors, down under is one of the ten great places to travel alone. See the city or go to the bush. They have a great hostel network and cheap to stay and to get around town.
  10. Cape Town, South Africa Climb Table Mountain, ride horseback on the beach or go hang gliding. Perfect for the adventurer in you and those who like the quiet of camping in the great outdoors. Not to mention you’ll come back with a great tan.

These ten places to travel alone will not disappoint. There’s something there for everyone, from those who thrive on adventure to the loner who enjoys peace and quiet. Take photos and enjoy your vacation away from it all.


  • Never take anything with you that you don’t want to lose.
  • Choose safe and friendly cities.
  • Know your budget so you’re not in a place like Paris that costs an arm and leg to enjoy.
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