10 Great Ringtones For Guys

Have you ever wondered what 10 great ringtones for guys could be? Some guys prefer rock to get pumped up for a big game or before heading to the gym, or a little R&B to set the mood or simply relax after a stressful day at work. Whatever your taste in music, there is a genre that has its own special way of moving the human race every day. To aid you in your pursuit of musical enlightenment, here are ten great ringtones for guys. 

  1. "Animals" Nickelback This song just screams "I'm a guy that likes to party." It would be a pretty safe bet that the guy who has this song as his ringtone is a bit rough around the edges and doesn't always like to follow social norms. Whether this is true about you or not, it could still paint the picture of how you want to be perceived by anyone within earshot of one of your incoming calls. This song is truly fitting to sit atop the ten great ringtones for guys list.
  2. "All Summer Long" Kid Rock If you are the kind of guy that likes to sit out at the beach with a bunch of friends around a bonfire with a cold brew in your hand, this is the ringtone for you. It just says that you are a free-spirited good times seeker.
  3. "My Chick Bad" Ludacris If you are the type of person that is prideful about your girl, this song states that loud and clear. Even if you are single, this song just bumps. You might have to secure your phone 'cause the bass in this song may just rattle your phone right off the table. 
  4. "Until the Day I Die" Story of the Year This song is a cry to the world stating that whomever has this ringtone on their phone is extremely passionate about someone or something. The dedication displayed in this song makes it a great choice for a ringtone.
  5. "I Want to be a Billionaire" Travie McCoy This song is one of ambition. If you hear someone with this ringtone, you automatically know this guy has dreams and that he is striving to make something of himself. Definitely a song that speaks from the heart.
  6. "Life is Wonderful" Jason Mraz This song is one that will have everyone sitting near you asking if you could play the whole song. This song is that deep of a song that just leaves you wondering where Jason Mraz is going to go next with it. This very optimistic number is a force to be reckoned with.
  7. "Angel" Jack Johnson This amazing song is one for the guy who is deeply in love with a very special woman. Anyone within earshot would be able to pick up on that easily. "Angel" is one ringtone that puts your heart out there.
  8. "The Clincher" Chevelle This is an in-your-face ringtone and is for the guy who has an aggressive nature but still has a sensitive side. How can a ringtone say all that? Give it a listen and you will see just why.
  9. "Back at One" Brian McKnight This R&B master delivers quite the package when it comes to a ringtone. Any woman who hears this song will be putty in your hands. Either that or they will think that it is a special ringtone for someone special. Either way, it will definitely intrigue the opposite sex.
  10. "Diary of Jane" Breaking Benjamin This song just rocks as a ringtone and is available in acoustic as well. Whichever way you choose to have it as a ringtone, you are sure to look forward to another call.
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