10 Great Songs To Make Love To

If you have 10 great songs to make love to and a repeat button, you can have a great soundtrack for your love-making escapades. But which 10 great songs to make love to do you choose? You need to choose songs that represent what you feel for your lady friend, or at least they should sound real sweet. You also need great songs that have smooth musical layouts to make love to; the jazzy or laid-back feel. The following are great songs to make love to; they'll help to get you both relaxed and ready for some action.

  1. "Love Calls" Kem is a musical genius when it comes to making romantic love songs. His joints are all very smooth and loaded with deep romantic imagery. "Love Calls" is probably his best work. Its jazzy. Its poetic. It needs to be in your lovemaking play list.
  2. "Kiss from a Rose" Seal is a king of romantic imagery in his own right. Not only do his words invoke a romantic feeling in the listener, he's got a powerfully beautiful voice as well. Women go nuts over this guy. And because of this, you need to add "Kiss from a Rose" to your song list. It's definitely a great song to make love to.
  3. "Before I Let You Go" The lyrics alone can get your girl in the mood. You add the music to this romantic gem and you have a definite lovemaking hit on your hands. Blackstreet really represents with this track. There's not a woman alive who wouldn't melt over this song.
  4. "Never, Never Gonna Give You Up" Barry White was once given the credit for being the facilitator of so many babies being born during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Check out this song and you'll know why. It needs to be in your collection.
  5. "Touch" Seal represents yet again. Great music and accompanying lyrics make this a perfect addition to your collection of lovemaking songs. It has a great, laid-back, chill-out feel to it. Seal's lyrics are the stuff that poetry is made of. This has to be added to your list of great songs for your lovemaking playlist.
  6. "Beauty" This jam was created by the group Dru Hill. Sisqo, the lead singer, really croons in this one. The song describes how just one lady could catch his heart. What lady doesn't want to hear that kind of stuff from her man? Add it to the list.
  7. "Nothing Compares 2 U" Prince needed to make an appearance on this list. There are many songs you can use that Prince created to get your girl hot. But this particular song is uber romantic, even for him. The title is pretty self explanatory.
  8. "Mi Corazoncito" The bachata group Aventura has been moistening panties throughout their musical career. This particular song is in mostly in Spanish, but the music and acoustic guitar are unparalleled. Take a listen. You'll wonder why you didn't know about these guys earlier.
  9. "Read Your Mind" Avant successfully channels sexual energy and allure into a song. That's the best way to describe it. This song most accurately describes what it feels like to be hot and bothered by the one you want. Listen for the pause in the song with the heavy breathing and you'll understand.
  10. "He Loves Me" Call her what she is; Jill Scott is a poet that just happens to know how to sing. This song perfectly illustrates the emotions and feelings that are tied to all women when they're in love with a guy.
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