10 Great Songs For Ringtones

The odds are that your brand new phone, no matter how fancy it is, is lacking any ringtone you actually like so fear not, this list will give you 10 great songs for ringtones that you may not have even heard of before!

  1. Crystal Castles – "Alice Practice." Crystal Castles plays a very chiptunesque version of electro-pop that lends to making great ringtones. Almost any song on either of their albums could be chosen, but the instantly recognizable (especially to fans of the original series of "Skins") "Alice Practice" stands out.
  2. Amanda Palmer – "Astronaut." Pianos just sound great as ringtones, maybe because the phones of old couldn't really synthesize any sound but synthesizers. The best song off the brilliant Amanda Palmer's debut CD is as intense as a piano based song can be and makes a great song for a ringtone.
  3. Murder by Death – "Sometimes The Line Walks You." This is a very tight and recognizable song with a strong melody that makes it a great one to set as your ringtone. It's especially great if you enjoy your indie rock soaked in whiskey and cowboys. Or at least just the whiskey.
  4. Mates of State – "Fraud in The 80s." Bassy? Check. Keyboards? Check. What else do you need for a great song to use as a ringtone? Mates of State's peppy indie rock might make you dance a bit before you even answer your phone.
  5. Lady Gaga – "Bad Romance." Speaking of dancing, what list of songs to use as ringtones would be complete without mentioning one of the most popular ringtones of all time?
  6. Rocket from the Crypt – "Born in 69." Rocket from the Crypt were so full of punk-rock energy that just having this great song as your ringtone might extend your phone's battery life.
  7. Genius/GZA – "4th Chamber." One of the most recognizable beats in the history of rap off one of the best albums in that same history, this will be sure to give your phone, and your ringtone, street cred.
  8. Refused – "New Noise." There are few songs that get the blood flowing faster than post-hardcore purveyors Refused and their most epic song, "New Noise." It made it onto the "Friday Night Lights" soundtrack, so it should be great enough to make it onto your phone as a ringtone.
  9. Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus – "Love Affair With a Mannequin." Maybe you need something that can scare the living daylights out of anyone within a few meters of you. Well, underrated grindcore band Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus can provide you their greatest song for a ringtone that will make sure nobody sits near you on the bus.
  10. Husker Du – "Visionary." It's doubtful that Husker Du, as amazing as they may be, thought they were writing songs that would someday make great ringtones, but the aptly named "Visionary" is fantastic to use. It will also probably make people in sweaters and thick rimmed glasses nod approvingly when they hear your phone ring.
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