10 Great Weekend Getaway Ideas

After a long week of working hard, give yourself a break through these 10 great weekend getaway ideas.  Whether you are on your own or you have somebody with you, these activities are sure to take the week long stress off your shoulders, making you fully recharged for the coming week.

  1. The Adirondacks in Lake Placid. As the largest forest preserve in the United States, this is definitely one of the 10 great weekend getaway ideas for you. There are generally four sections of the Adirondacks Park: the high peaks of the northeast, the flat woodland area in the west, the lakes in the southeast part and the lake and river area at the central regions. With those places to visit, your weekend will surely be a blast.
  2. Amelia Island in Amelia City. One of the perfect hideaways for a peaceful weekend is Amelia Island. As one of the 10 great weekend getaway ideas, pack your weekend bag, include some swimsuits and head out to this beautiful island. You have several choices of inns and resorts, each of them guaranteeing a blissful weekend away from home.
  3. Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva is not the formal place that it was before. This is a community where you can find various resorts, cabins and cottages, offering you numerous activities from skiing to boating. Going there during summer is not that great though for it is really packed.
  4. Long Island, New York. With the mansions of the Gold Coast, the farms, fishing areas, small village, beaches, concerts, races, and winery visits a Long Island trip is definitely one of the 10 great weekend getaway ideas. Whether you are up for a nature trip or not, this is the best place you can go to.
  5. California North Coast. This trip is perfect for whatever time of the year for the temperature in the North Coast is always mild. Your activities here depend on the season of your trip. You can go to the beach or watch the gray whales during summer or enjoy the local cuisine of fresh crab or wild mushrooms during autumn. This place certainly promises several activities for you.
  6.  Lake Erie Islands. Another one of the 10 great weekend getaway ideas is for you to the Lake Erie Islands. This is just a few minutes away from Port Clinton through a ferryboat. The island has a Victorian ambience with unspoiled historic sites and other scenery. Here, you can choose to just have your rest, or you may also want to embark on various recreational activities.
  7. Ventura County Campgrounds. There’s nothing more refreshing than a nature trip, which is what you will do with one of the 10 great weekend getaway ideas. Here you can go to the beaches, the lakes, the springs, the parks, or you can also visit the Historic District and its nearby places. You will never run out of things to do here so you will really have a wonderful weekend.
  8. Deep Creek Lake. Maryland’s largest fresh water lake is truly an amazing place where you can spend your weekend. It’s the perfect place to go, one of the 10 great weekend getaway ideas that not disappoint you. There are several restaurants offering superb food, as well as fun activities that will surely keep you perked up.
  9. Jekyll Island. Jekyll Island is one of the best places to visit when you want to have a weekend getaway. This place never runs out of nature-oriented activities such as hikes, watching the dolphins, bird watching, kayaking, and sports like tennis, soccer and a lot more. Here, you will definitely be stress free.
  10. Door Country. In door country, you will surely love the place that your weekend might turn into a month. The sandy beaches, the state parks, the shops and boutiques, and of course, the peaceful ambience will certainly get into you. Be sure to schedule this trip for around three days so that you can maximize your stay here.
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