10 Greatest Adventure Movies Of The ’90s

If you are looking to take a trip back in time, you may want to check out the 10 greatest adventure movies of the 90’s. These movies can make you laugh and make you cry. They are dripping with action and adventure to keep your attention drawn and your senses alert. 

  1. “Total Recall” Arnold Schwarzeneger plays Doug Quaid, who keeps having memory flashes of things that don’t make any sense to him. He goes to mind altering agency where he learns that he was an agent he has to piece his memory back together while people are trying to kill him.
  2. “Home Alone” This was a fantastically funny adventure movie about a kid who was left behind when the rest of his family went away for Christmas. Left to his own devices he must stop intruders from getting into the house with his antics that are absolutely over the top.
  3. “Medicine Man” Out to find a cure for Cancer, Sean Connery heads to the Amazon rain forest. As he works through the trials and tribulations of this adventure, he pushes on and deeper into the rain forest and won’t quit until he finds a cure.
  4. “Cliffhanger” Working as a guide to find a U.S. Treasury plane that has crashed, Sylvester Stallone is kidnapped and forced to take the criminals to the plane. He knows that once the money is found that both him and his partner are dead.
  5. “Last Action Hero” Through the use of a magic ticket, Danny suddenly becomes part of his favorite adventure movie. Through the rift between the worlds, the movie criminal escapes making the “hero” venture into the real world to stop him before he causes real damage.
  6. “Courage Under Fire” The actions of a Desert Storm rescue pilot are questioned as she is up to earn a medal of honor. She died shortly after being rescued so all the investigator has to go on is the accounts that her crew can give him.  
  7. “Titanic” This was the saddest movie of the decade. The forbidden love between Rose and Jack was a tear jerking drama that lead to millions to learn more about the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.
  8. “Saving Private Ryan” A mother is devastated when she learns that three or her four sons have been killed in combat. When the U.S. Chief of Staff learn of these he sends a troup in to bring the forth son home safely.
  9. “Executive Decision” A plane is highjacked with a senator on board. During a refueling a commando team boards the 747. They have to rush to disarm the bomb and find the sleeper before the place reaches Washington DC.
  10. “Toy Story” This animated adventure tale leaves both children and adult viewers glued to the screen. Jealousy runs amuck in this group of toys but they stick together when needed. 
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