10 Greatest Party Songs

The 10 greatest party songs are exactly the kind of tunes that can kick a get-together into high gear. If you’re event is slow and needs a little pick-me up, throw one of these tune on, and everything will be fine. Most of these are very memorable classics and all of them are crowd pleasers.

  1. You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Party” by the Beastie boys is an anthem of pure party excellence. It’s exactly the sort of tune that gets everybody into the right spirit.
  2. “Girls Girls Girls” by Motley Crue is easily one of the greatest party songs. It has the perfect irreverent message for a good party atmosphere. 
  3. “Rebel Yell” is one of the best party songs ever, and it’s by Billy Idol, who wrote a lot of other classic party tunes. Without the spirit of rebellion, a party can seem flat and boring. This song remedies that.
  4. “Rock This Town” by the Stray Cats, brings a pure rockabilly spirit to this list of party songs. Even though the song was released in the 1980's, it has the spirit of the 1950's all over it.
  5. “Paradise City” by Guns n’ Roses has lyrics that envision a world of eternal partying. The song is a true classic, and a wonderful anthem among the greatest party songs.
  6. “We Will Rock You” by Queen is almost impossible to hear without getting into the mood for some partying. It’s also one of the great sport songs, and sometimes it can almost make a spontaneous party erupt in the stands during a game.
  7. “Jump” by Van Halen is one of the greatest hits of 1980's rock music. It’s always been one of the best party songs, and it still delivers today.
  8. If you’re in more of a honky tonk mood, “All My Rowdy Friends” by Hank Williams Junior is one of the best party songs. This tune is a lot of fun, and very memorable. It’s the kind of song that people want to sing along too, even if they don’t know the lyrics.
  9. “Twist and Shout” by The Beatles is one of the greatest party songs of its era. A lot people who grew up during those times will remember this song, and it will put them in a wonderful nostalgic partying mood. 
  10. “You Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer has always been a great party song. It’s the kind of song that unites people, and makes them want to have fun.
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