10 Greatest Pump Up Songs

The ten greatest pump-up songs are the tunes that make you want to get up and do something productive. These are the kinds of songs that you would want to listen to before going to work, or beginning an important project. pump-up songs like the ones in this list generate an inner enthusiasm and drive that can make everything easier and keep you going through the tough times.  

  1. A lot of punk oriented music can be very dark and even twisted, but “Basket Case” by the band Green Day is one of the greatest pump-up songs because it’s so full of enthusiasm. Everything from the opening guitar riff to the humorous and fun lyrics do a great job of putting people in a good mood.
  2. Def Leppard has done a lot of great pump-up songs, but “Rocket” from the album “Hysteria” is probably their best. They have always been kind of an arena oriented band, and this song does a great job of getting the crowd going in a concert setting.
  3. “Walk Of Life” by Dire Straits is one of the greatest pump-up songs of the '80s. This was an era of great enthusiasm, and this song really captures that mood very well. It’s a favorite song to play at sporting events to get crowds pumped up.
  4. The Cars are one of the best bands when it comes to writing pump-up songs, and “Just What I Needed” from their debut album is a prime example. The thing that works about this song is the way it gradually builds in mood and creates anticipation. When all that anticipation explodes in the exciting chorus, it’s the kind of music-moment that can pump-up anybody.
  5. The Talking Heads “Wild Wild Life” is one of the greatest pump-up songs because it represents the carefree attitude everybody wishes they could maintain. This band created music with a lot of different moods, and when they want to make something happy, they knew how to do it the right way.
  6. Dream Theater’s “Surrounded” from the album “Images and Words” is a great example of how an instrumentally accomplished band can do pump-up songs with ease. These guys are classically trained musicians, and they know how to use melody to make pump-up songs with a lot of effectiveness.
  7. White Lion’s “Goin’ Home Tonight” is one of the greatest pump-up songs to come out of the '80s pop metal scene. White lion is probably the most underrated of the '80s pop-metal bands, and they had a penchant for doing great pump-up songs. This song deals with the feelings of excitement and anticipation that pop up when being reunited with someone you care about. 
  8. “Heat Of The Moment” by Asia is a good example of how a super-group can settle down and deliver one of the greatest pump-up songs. This band had a lot of members from the great progressive rock bands of the '70s, and this song showed that they could easily mimic pop music sensibilities.
  9. “Surfing With The Alien” by Joe Satriani is one of the greatest instrumental pump-up songs in rock music history. The song actually wasn’t a hit, but over time, it has developed a reputation as a great pump-up song anyway.
  10. “Jump” by Van Halen rounds out the list, and it’s an easy choice as one of the all-time great pump-up songs. Everything from the synth-oriented background music, to Eddie Van Halen’s screaming guitar solo all have the power to pump-up anybody with a pulse.
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