10 Grocery List Ideas For Dieting

For those of you looking to shed some pounds, you may be looking for 10 grocery list ideas for dieting. The key to purchasing dieting foods is to NOT aim for the low-fat, 100-calorie packs – it's to purchase natural, healthy foods that will speed up your metabolism and ultimately fat loss.  The first step to purchasing food at the grocery store that will make you lose weight is to focus on the nutrition and ingredients in the food.  "Diet" foods are actually worse for you than the actual food because instead of having sugar, they use other chemicals.  These chemicals found in diet foods often make you gain weight because you don't feel satisfied eating them and still want the "real thing".  Plus, these chemicals found in diet foods are really bad for you with harmful side-effects and preservatives.  Here are 10 grocery list ideas for dieting guaranteed to keep you satisfied and losing weight.


Grocery List Idea #1 – Whole Grain Bread

Purchase whole grain products like whole wheat bread, pastas, and rice.  Whole grains are very good for weight-loss, very nutritious, and will keep you full.  Some recipes you can make with whole grain bread include:  

  • Whole grain bread with 2 Tablespoons peanut butter
  • Whole grain bread with tuna and veggies
  • Whole grain bread with ham, turkey, or roast beef, cheese and veggies

Grocery List Idea #2 – Whole Grain Pastas

Whole grain pastas are great meal ideas and are very high in fiber and minerals.  Whole grain pastas have a slightly different flavor from regular pastas, and are really useful to helping you lose weight.  Some recipes you can make with whole grain pastas include:

  • Whole grain pasta with tomato sauce and ground turkey
  • Whole grain pasta salad
  • Use them in place of any meal you cook with regular pasta

Grocery List Idea #3 – Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are very important to losing weight.  They are very high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.  If you can incorporate fresh vegetables in every meal you eat, you will lose more weight than you expect.  Some recipes you can make with fresh vegetables include:

  • Vegetable salad – mix fresh lettuce, tomatoes, green pepper, onions, radishes, etc. with 2 Tablespoons vinaigrette dressing.
  • Vegetable wrap – put a variety of fresh vegetables inside of a whole wheat tortilla
  • Vegetable casseroles 
  • Grilled Vegetable shish kabobs

Grocery List Idea #4 – Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are packed full of vitamins and fiber that will fill you up and also make you lose weight.  Try to eat at least one piece of fresh fruit with every meal to help keep you full or as a snack throughout the day.  Some great fruits to purchase at the grocery store are:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Pears
  • Mangos
  • Oranges
  • Pineapple

Grocery List Idea # 5 – Protein Shakes

Having a good source of protein in your diet is essential for losing weight.  Try to purchase protein shakes with low sugar (under 10 grams). They're fast, they're easy, and they're great at helping you lose weight on a diet. 

Grocery List Idea # 6 – Protein Bars

Pick up a couple of high protein bars at the grocery store.  Try to find some with low sugar, because some protein bars are basically like candy bars.  

Grocery List Idea # 7 – Dairy Products

Don't forget to eat your daily supply of dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt.  If you drink 1 glass of milk per day, you will lose weight.  

Grocery List Idea # 8 – Snacks

If you get hungry during the day, you might want to pick up some nutritious snacks to keep you full.  At the grocery store, pick up some snacks such as:

  • almonds, cashew, other nuts
  • cheese sticks
  • healthy crackers, like Wheat Thins
  • yogurt
  • fresh vegetables/fruits
  • fruits
  • trail mix
  • dried fruits

Grocery List Idea # 9 – Bottled Water

Staying hydrated is essential for staying healthy. Stock up on as much water as humanly possible every time you go to the grocery store.

Grocery List Idea # 10 – Fresh Meats

When shopping for healthy meals, make sure to pick up some lean, healthy meats.  Canned meats are not as good for you and more expensive.  Some lean meats you can purchase are:

  • chicken breast
  • lean pork
  • lean beef
  • fish/seafood
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