10 Growing Up Songs For Men

There are more than 10 growing up songs for men, but below is a list of the top ten tunes. Those special songs talk about how boys will be boys running wild, being rebellious and crying (yep, even big boys tear up a time or two). These songs are written from the mouths of their mothers, their father and sometimes the boys themselves. Some of the songs are sentimental and others are downright funny.

  1. "Young" and "Don’t Blink" (Kenny Chesney) Two famous growing up songs for men have been included in the number one slot. "Young" is about those times with the boys when you were wild, running free and young. "Don’t Blink" is more sentimental–don’t blink or your life will pass you by kind of song.
  2. "Tough Little Boys" (Gary Allan) Very sentimental for men with children, this country song can bring a tear to your eye. The lyrics detail tough little boys who don’t back down from punches but grow up and turn into babies when they have their own children.
  3. "Drive" (Alan Jackson) Every boy remembers the time he was behind the wheel of a car for the first time. This country hit is about that moment and growing up to share it with your own children when you let them drive.
  4. "Buckaroo" (Rodney Adkins) Every little boy wants to be big and tall like their dad. This heart-melting song talks about that and learning the good (and the bad) lessons from father figures. Kids are perceptive enough to catch onto everything adults say and do.
  5. "The Riddle" (Five for Fighting) Five for Fighting delivers a song that is about that sacred riddle parents teach their children. The riddle that kids grow up thinking about but learn until they are older.
  6. "Star" (Bryan Adams) Remember those days in school when the teacher asks you what you want to be when you grow up? Well, this song goes a little more in depth with that question.
  7. "Growin’ Up" (Bruce Springsteen) True to the Bruce we all know and love, Springsteen wrote a song about the rebellious years. Reading the lyrics makes you remember the time playing pirates when you could do anything you wanted and be anything you wanted to be.
  8. "Father and Son" (Cat Stevens) Sad yet, meaningful. This song is a conversation between an old fashioned father who is trying to impart wisdom and a modern son who thinks he knows it all. Together they grow up and move on and try to stay the same.
  9. "Cats in the Cradle" (Harry Chapin) Many a boy follows in his father’s footsteps, whether he wants to or not. This song describes a little boy who grows up wanting time with his dad who is too busy until–lo and behold–his dad wants time with him and then the son is too busy.
  10. "Circle Game" (Joni Mitchell) Children want to grow up too fast until, old and gray, they realize they want those lost times back. This song by Joni Mitchell talks about that very thing. The lyrics explain that you are on a merry-go-round and you want it too go faster initially, but before too long, you wish you could slow down and it is too late.
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