10 Guys Weekend Ideas

Are you in need of 10 guys weekend ideas to help you get away from your grueling day job and boring routine? Instead of making boring restaurant reservations for you and your buddies, use these fail-safe guys weekend ideas for your next all man outing!

  1. Do something adventurous! Men love adrenaline rushes, and one of the best ways to spend quality time with your pals is to go white water rafting or bungee jumping. Your friends will thank you for it later.
  2. Hit the game with your best friends. You and your friends could get away for a guys weekend by scoring tickets for a game that you’ve all wanted to see. You could book a hotel, locate clubs and bars to hit up afterwards, and you’ll have set yourself up an amazing guys weekend!
  3. Experience the great outdoors with all of your companions. You could go camping, do a little fishing, hike for awhile, and so much more. The activities are completely up to you, but you’ll doing all of this with your best buddies.
  4. Plan a weekend at destinations that cater specifically to men! There are all sorts of resorts, clubs, hotels and other destination that are geared specifically for the male species. You can locate these online most of the time, and plan a fun trip around them. For example, you could go sample beer with your friends, hit up a smoking lounge, and so much more.
  5. Get a little competitive with a paintball outing. It’s time to suit up and get down and dirty with your pals. Unleash rage on that guy that you just can’t stand in your friends group, or spend time working out a strategy with your teammates to come out victorious.
  6. Clear the house out for a stay-cation! If you aren’t interested in going out and about for your guys weekend, that’s okay! You could stay in at the house and hold video game tournaments, set up a keg, play card games, or do anything you’d like. This is one of the best guys weekend ideas because your friends will feel comfortable and right at home the whole time.
  7. Hit up a concert with your friends. Do you and your friends all have a band that you would all like to see? Arrange for you and your friends to get front row tickets, and you will have one of the best guys weekends you’ve had in years.
  8. It’s highly likely that you and your friends wouldn’t mind looking at nice cars, so plan to hit up a car show for the weekend. Sometimes, car shows last for multiple days, so you could make a weekend trip out of the entire deal.
  9. If your guy friends like a little bit of risk and chance, you could all hit up a casino and resort for the weekend. If you can score a casino inside of a resort, you will find that there will also be tons of other things for you and your buddies to do in case you tire of gambling.
  10. Get in on a wine tasting for a fun-filled guys weekend. Travel to a nearby or distant winery to taste fine wines and make good conversation with your friends. You could also even make new friends this way which would make for a double whammy!
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