10 Gymnastics Podium Training Tips

Ten gymnastic podium training tips can help you become a better gymnast or to better understand this particular sport. Podium training in gymnastics is basically something a gymnast does before officially starting a competition. It’s a form of practice on the same equipment that is used during the official competition; however, the judges are still watching, and the podium training still needs to be done carefully, with skill and grace.

  1. Decide what you want to do beforehand. You will only have a short amount of time to complete the gymnastics podium training. Before you go to the competition, decide exactly what you want to do. The options can vary from specific gymnastics moves that give you trouble to whole routines.
  2. Practice your gymnastics podium training. This is actually practicing your practice session. The more prepared you are for the podium training, the more quickly you’ll be able to get through it and the more time you’ll have to practice.
  3. Be on time. The gymnastics podium training will have a certain start time, and you’ll be scheduled in. It’s a tight schedule, so don’t go wandering off to the bathroom when your turn comes around. Be waiting and ready.
  4. Keep your concentration. Concentrate on your moves. This might be practice but it’s very important practice. One thing you need to do is get a feel for the equipment and get used to being higher off the ground than usual. Accomplishing this and landing your moves will take concentration.
  5. Ignore the audience. Some might be watching you intently, while others are off getting snacks or chatting. Don’t pay attention to the audience. It will break your concentration.
  6. Avoid looking at the judges. Now is not the time to scope out the judges. Yes, they are watching you, but you won’t be able to focus if you’re watching them.
  7. Act like you’re competing. Grace, poise, stance and everything else that matters in the competition matters during the gymnastics podium training. The judges are watching and the audience is making a judgment about your skills.
  8. Learn from your mistakes. If you make mistakes during the gymnastics podium training, don’t panic. Note the mistake, figure out why you made it and avoid making it again during the competition.
  9. Stay confident. Even if you make mistakes during the gymnastics podium training, don’t lose your confidence. You will need it during the competition. It’s important, but remember, it’s still practice for the real competition, which is ahead of you.
  10. Watch the competition. Once you complete your gymnastics podium training, don’t sit back and space out. Watch the competition carefully. Mistakes they make could be mistakes you can avoid. Learn from what they do.
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