10 Gymnastics Weight Training Tips

These 10 gymnastics weight training tips can assist young flippers and flyers in upping their game. While gymnastics includes body strength, heavy weight training does not always provide the proper type of strength training. Bulky biceps can hinder with the sport instead of helping. Take these tips and get it right, and if that's not enough then check out these awesome train videos

  1. It's not the primary focus. The first tip of gymnastics weight training is to remember that is should not be the primary focus. Gymnastics is an all around sport and the focus should remain on more rounded exercises.
  2. Set the time. For gymnastics weight training, it is important to not overdo it. Set a specified amount of time for weight training and stick to it.
  3. Skip the heavy weights. For gymnastics weight training, it's not about how much you can bench press. Leave off the heavy weights.
  4. Go for reps. Gymnastics weight training should not focus on pushing more weight, but pushing a the same amount of weight more times.
  5. Go for the core. Weighted sit-ups and crunches are helpful for gymnastics weight training. The core cannot be developed enough for the sport.
  6. Use dumbbells. For gymnastics weight training of the arms, skip the long bar and go for a couple of light weight dumbbells.
  7. Vary the positions. For gymnastics weight training with a more varied routine, change the position for leg pushes.
  8. One at a time. When doing leg lifts or arm pushes, use one leg or arm at a time. This will individualize each limb and prevent one or the other from being more dominant during the exercise.
  9. Integrate. Mix gymnastics weight training with other work-outs during the same time. Do a set of leg pushes then run in place for twenty seconds.
  10. Go slow. Never over do it. In gymnastics weight training, you are not trying to bulk up the muscles. Go slow and avoid injury.
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