10 Gyms to Join in NYC

Finding the gym that’s right for you is one of the most difficult choices you will make in your quest for fitness, in NYC alone there are hundreds, here are the top 10 gyms to join in NYC to narrow down your search! From boxing specialty, to unique design elements, to vast class offerings, here you’ll find something for everyone!

  1. New York Sports Club. With more than 50 locations in NYC and the surrounding boroughs alone, NYSC is the way to go for ease of access, this is what makes it one of the top 10 gyms to join in NYC. You can also choose your level of membership to give you access to only one of the most convenient locations to you, or for a little more money a pass that will gain you access to any location at any time. 
  2. Equinox. Located all over the country, Equinox Gyms are some of the most luxurious and best gyms to join in NYC. With many locations spread out all over the city, there's one bound to be close to you. It features group training, yoga and spa services as added benefits.
  3. Planet Fitness. Seeking to create a fitness atmosphere where no one is judged and everyone is accepted, Plant Fitness is a great place to go due to its many (and still growing) locations and its low membership fees. You won’t find extras here, but if you’re looking for a low cost no-frills gym, this is the place for you! Its straightforward attitude make it one of the top 10 gyms to join in NYC.
  4. Crunch. With locations in both NYC and Brooklyn, Crunch is a great option if you’re a class or training lover.  With classes ranging from pilates and yoga to muscle sculpting and dance workouts, there’s a class here for anyone. There are also several membership levels to ensure you have the membership that’s best for you!
  5. Church Street Boxing Gym. The specific focus of this gym makes it one of the top 10 gyms to join in NYC. Located in downtown Manhattan, its certainly worth the trip.  As one of the most respected facilities for boxing fitness, Church Street has carved out a reputation based on the experience of its coaching staff that makes it the only place to go for Boxing Fitness.
  6. The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers. Certainly the largest Health Club and Gym makes it as one of the best gyms to join in NYC! This gym features a six lane swimming pool, indoor running track, 100-plus classes per week, rock-climbing wall, volleyball court, a boxing ring and sundecks, among many other amenities.
  7. Gold’s Gym. Founded more than 40 years ago, Gold’s Gym is now one of the most respected and well known gyms around the country.  While you’ll find yoga, cardio and group fitness classes, its strength and weight training that are is the focus at the gym.  If weight training is what you’re in the market for, this is the place for you.
  8. Clay. This is not just a gym, but also a nutritional and wellness center. This allows its members to not just work out, but also to develop their own plan for their health and wellness with all resources in one center. This commitment to wellness is what makes Clay one of the best gyms to join in NYC.
  9. David Barton Gym.  David Barton designed the gym with an edgy rock star vibe to make his clients feel inspired. From the huge pair of eyes on the wall, to the fire raging on an LCD screen, to the converted mail man bags that serve as towel bins, this is not your ordinary gym. Of course, besides all these inspiring design elements, you’ll also find world class trainers and state of the art equipment.
  10. Five Points Academy. Located in downtown NYC, Five Points Academy is the place for you if you’re interested in the ancient form of martial arts.  At this state of the art facility you’ll find cardio and strength training machines, but the focus is on martial arts. The school at Five Points is internationally recognized and makes this facility one of the top gyms to join in NYC.
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