10 Hammerfall Tips And Cheats

Looking for 10 Hammerfall tips and cheats? Hammerfall is a Facebook application where you start on a small island and begin a journey that includes fighting monsters and acquiring items. To make your gaming experience easier, here are a few tips and cheats to help you along your way.

  1. Acquiring your first Pegasus. This cheat will help you get your first Pegasus of the game. It can be found by doing the "Tame Wild Pegasus" quest. The Pegasus is a reward for completion. There is also a 24-hour boss drop at Cave Troll and Darkfang. A player must have a Pegasus to travel west.
  2. The Black Elixir. Use this tip to acquire the Black Elixir. First, make sure to explore the coast at Grandeur Lake Road for oysters. Then, when you reach Ward, Furlon will break the oysters looking for pearls. Grab one of them and when you reach Ingledye give the pearl to Esslinger. He will give you five Black Elixirs.
  3. The War Garment. The Hammerfall war garment is located in Ward Dungeon Seven. Fight the first set of Goblin Raiders to unlock the second set of Goblin Raiders. The second set of goblins carry the war garment. The point is to get one to drop a war garment before you kill them all. If you kill them all before getting a war garment, then you have to start over and return to the first set of goblins.
  4. The Gold Trinket. A player must have the Gold Trinket to step onto the Kalamar Catacombs dock. The Gold Trinket can be found in the Tower Chest in the Kalamar Catacombs tower. However, you must have a skeleton key to open the door.
  5. The Hidden Dagger. The dagger is required to get to the Kalamar Marina. There are a couple of cheats to get one. In the "Arms Traders" quest, trade poison for the dagger. Also, this is a 24-hour boss drop at Twin Giants. Last but not least, the item can be found in the third Viri’s Chest.
  6. The Bone Armor. This item is rare and hard to find in Hammerfall, but it gives a player +35 attack and +65 defense. The best tip for acquiring this item is fighting the Earth Eater monster in Ward Dungeon Four or the Fernwood Panthers in East Mistyvale Plains One or Two.
  7. The Fire Shield. This defense weapon gives a whopping +80 defense in the Hammerfall game. There are two cheats one can use to get this gem of a defense shield. You can either exchange a Nakule Amulet and Bracelet with Oira at Barrenhoff, or Roor at Barrenhoff will give it to you for three Lave Links.
  8. Throwing Knives. If you don't get a chance to use this tip the first time around, don't worry, you will have  several chances to acquire this item. You can trade for them in Kalamar Marina for three Apples and a Lotus Blossom, or in the "Arms Trader" quest, hand over a Nightslayer. At the same place, you can also trade an Ogre Earring and Bear Claw. This can also be found in the second Viri’s Chest.
  9. The Gryphon. In Hammerfall, a player must have this item to head south from Falhill. There is a 60 percent chance of getting it by fighting the Gryphon Monster, or you can exchange to fight the Shardon Monster.
  10. The Ice Dragon. Use this cheat to get this other rare item that gives a player +48 attack and +48 defense. On Ironthal Road Number Four, the Ice Dragon may drop it. Also, attempt a trading of the Ice Crystal with Doho.


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