10 Hard Skateboard Tricks

Here are 10 hard skateboard tricks. Hard skateboard tricks are usually the ultimate goal of any skateboard rider, and the harder the better. However, these tricks can also be the most dangerous, as many of them require the rider to be quite far off the ground (which is more often than not concrete as opposed to soft grass or dirt.) Therefore, safety is important when learning and executing these tricks.

  1. Upside-down 360° loop: The rider needs a pipe, which is simply a way of describing a structure that has either one or two walls which are curved and may also have a top. The pipe helps the rider get the desired height needed to perform hard skateboard tricks such as this one, because in the middle of this trick both the rider and skateboard are going to be upside down. This in itself makes this one of the most difficult skateboard tricks to learn and execute.
  2. Ollie:  In the Ollie, the rider uses the front of the skateboard as a springboard. This trick lends itself to a lot of variety, either in the way the board and/or rider lands or in how it is executed. For example, performing the trick “flat-footed”; that is, without using a ramp, pipe structure, rail, or even having to make any type of a jump maneuver increases the difficulty.  
  3. 180 Pop Shuvit: A 180 Pop Shuvit looks like an Ollie to begin with, but the twist (literally) comes when the rider and skateboard turn 180°, while still in the air, before coming back down in the exact same position as the rider was when this one of the hard skateboard tricks was started.
  4. 360 Pop Shuvit: This is a variation on the 180 Pop Shuvit. The main difference is that the rider and the skateboard make a complete circle, in the air, before landing in the original position. This is considered one of the most difficult of hard skateboard tricks.
  5. Board Sliding: The rider finds a good sturdy rail, curb, or other structure. He then performs what starts out as an Ollie (see why it’s so important to master this basic skateboard trick first before even attempting hard skateboard tricks?). In this trick, however, the board is sliding along by itself, without the rider. That’s because the rider is actually touching whatever it is he started out on, hopefully with the feet.
  6. Dropping the Bomb: In this case, it’s the skateboard that’s being dropped, after the rider has jumped from a relatively high structure with the skateboard in hand. The trick is to drop the skateboard as soon as the rider has jumped.
  7. Coffin trick: Some people may consider this stunt one of the more aptly names hard skateboard tricks. That’s because the rider suddenly changes his position from riding in an upright, front-facing position to lying flat on his back. Was it mentioned that the position is changed while the skateboard is still moving?
  8. Rocket Air: Professionals are often seen performing this and other hard skateboard tricks. It must be admitted that this one is really thrilling to watch, because the rider’s goal is to have the skateboard in as vertical a position as possible while the rider and board are up in the air.
  9. Dark Slide: Contrary to what it sounds like, this isn’t a slide done in the dark. However, this very difficult trick requires that the rider be sliding on a rail, ramp, or something while both feet are on the bottom side of the board (in other words, the side where the wheels are located), while at right angles to the object being slid upon. Some parents might wish they were being kept in the dark about this trick.
  10. Heel Flip: A heel flip is actually a reverse kick flip. However, what makes it more difficult than a kick flip is the back foot is only partially on the board while the front foot has the toes hanging off one side. The front foot then is slid up to the front of the board and a move is performed which will result in the front of the board being lifted up instead of the back.
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