10 Haunted House Ideas

Coming up with 10 haunted house ideas isn't hard to do if you aren't on the spot. If you're the one expected to put these 10 haunted house ideas together , it can cause a bit of pressure. This list of haunted house ideas is detailed enough to give you an idea of how to make some creepy crawly sensations, but broad enough to give you some ideas for themes for the haunted house in general. Use these 10 haunted house ideas to give yourself and your loved ones a "spooktacular" Halloween or a haunted house just for fun!

  1. Rate your desired level of fear. As you review these 10 haunted house ideas, you're going to have to decide what type of haunted house you want. Are we talking the ones that make grown men pee themselves or the ones that small children can giggle in? This is one of the most important questions you'll have to answer.
  2. Use a familiar theme. As you look at these 10 haunted house ideas, is there a certain character or theme that comes to mind? Sometimes making a haunted house is easier when it's based on things we are familiar with. This could be anything from your own personal phobia to a character like "Jason".
  3. Make it realistic if you want it to be scary. While you're reading these 10 haunted house ideas, think about the things that scare you. Is it really going to be a green covered witch or is it going to be the atmosphere that you walk through before the witch reaches out and touches you with her clawlike hands?
  4. Make it interactive. Who doesn't get to have more fun when they participate? People are almost immune to being scared based on visual cues alone due to the graphics of current scary movies. Get them involved!
  5. Use a fog machine. Fog essentially screams scary and it makes hiding things and effective lighting all that much more feasible. When you think about these 10 haunted house ideas, think about what you could hide in the fog that would scare anyone!
  6. Use a decoy. If you want to make your haunted house really scary, make a really cheesy one for people to go through first, then take them in for drinks to where the real action is at! Set the scene so that it is just a normal house, then have "freak events" going on and make sure to take the guests with you as you check the events out! This can be anything from noises to something going by the window in the middle of the night.
  7. Involve the senses. Put some strawberry jelly or ketchup on doorknobs so that guests think they have touched blood. Used cooked, wet macaroni noodles for "brains". Have someone hiding to occasionally brush your guests' shoulder lightly with a feather as they are unsuspectingly walking through a hallway.
  8. Induce panic. If you weren't serious about scaring people, you wouldn't be reading about 10 ideas for haunted houses. Go to extremes and make the lights go out or the doors become locked. Give people something to scare them for a moment!
  9. Join the Haunted House Association. This is a great place to take a look at what is going on in the haunted house industry so that you don't use your 10 ideas for a haunted house in the same way that everyone else is. It's also a great way to promote your house!
  10. Make sure there are no health risks. You might want to have guests sign a waiver and make sure your guests don't have heart problems or allergies that may prevent them from enjoying the haunted house to its fullest!


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