10 Heart Tattoo Ideas

The 10 heart tattoo ideas include the best of design, non-fade colors, and unique messages.  We explore personality, lifestyle, and personal memories in these heart tattoo ideas.  There's something for everyone.

  1. Heartfelt Outlines.  You can create a design with solid appeal, but do not forget what should come next—the outline.  If you outline the heart with cool calm colors, it will appear hazy or cloudy along the edges.  If you outline the heart with dark colors (black works best), it makes the heart more visible.  Another way to create a unique heart is to layer the outlines such as another color on the very inside of the base outline.  Choose colors wisely.
  2. Half Hearted.  You can give your loved one a half heart necklace as you keep the other portion or you can suggest a half heart tattoo for each of you.  Tattoos last pretty much forever without any medical assistance.  The beauty behind this idea is that if things do not work out you already have what appears to be a broken heart tattoo.
  3. Rainbow Heart Tattoo.  A rainbow can be drawn many ways—horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or in a complete circle.  Rainbows can sway, swivel, or wave.  Rainbow colors can be shades of the spectrum that best fits your personality and color picks such as purple, red, orange, yellow or blues into greens.
  4. Vined Heart Tattoo.  Like a rose that shares a vine with each leaf, a heart can share a vine with the other side of the heart or another heart (if creating two).  Vines can also be used to outline the heart.  Vines are best in dark colors with green highlights.  Vines offer the notion of growth and what better place to form a vine but on or along a heart tattoo. 
  5. Purple Heart.  If you know a loved one that has been shot while on duty, perhaps you could honor them with a purple heart tattoo.  Inside of the royal purple heart you can place the person's name.  It sends a nice message and look great in royal purple.
  6. Rose Heart Tattoo.  A rose heart tattoo is tricky but can be done.  We have seen them, so we can assure you they do exist.  A blossomed rose that shapes itself into a heart.  Use a dark outline to form the heart or the edges will be difficult to see.  Shades of reds, oranges and pinks brings the rose heart tattoo alive. 
  7. Native Heart.  We've all seen the people that shower pride when mentioning their hometown.  Are you from Jersey?  New York?  Show the world you love your native state by placing the abbreviation inside of the heart.
  8. Heart Cross.  Design your heart tattoo with a centered cross.  You can also toss in a rosary if it fits your lifestyle or religious taste.  You can also form four hearts into a cross instead of using a cross as the center.
  9. Cold Heart.  The trick is to use cube colors.  The light gray outlines, light blues will be the solid color of the heart, silver and white streaks inside of the heart creates a cold heart theme.
  10. Meaningful Heart.  There are many pictures one can see inside of a heart such as moments in history (Twin Towers), favorite animal (pets), or lucky charm (rabbits foot).  Take the time, draw your favorite thing, take it to a licensed tattoo artist and watch the magic happen. 
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