10 High Fiber Diet Ideas

Looking for 10 high fiber diet ideas that will help you lose weight and improve your digestion? Unlike grains that once were rich in fiber, many of the breakfast cereals we consume today have been stripped of fiber to improve the flavor. Meat and chicken has also lost its fiber content when cattle and chicken were switched to eating corn instead of fiber rich pastor or grains. In short, to get your fiber today, you must make sure you eat high fiber foods. So here are 10 high fiber diet ideas to supplement all your meals.

  1. High fiber Nuts. Leave fatty chips aside and munch on high fiber nuts instead. Rich in healthy oils, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, pistachios and brazil nuts are all excellent high fiber diet ideas for snacks or garnishing on cooked meats.
  2. High fiber cereals. For a great high fiber breakfast idea try newer brands of high fiber cereals. Unlike older brands of high fiber diet products that used to taste chalky and sandy, newer versions mix nuts and dry fruits with the cereal to add crunchy flavor.
  3. High fiber berries. Be extra good when you eat your daily portion of fruits by choosing high fiber raspberries and blackberries. Look for organic berries if you can to reduce exposure to pesticides, and sprinkle berries in your salad or over your dessert for a high fiber diet garnish.
  4. High fiber bread. The easiest way to add high fiber to your diet is with bread. Look for high fiber or double fiber breads that offer at least 3 grams of fiber per slice, although 5 or 6 grams are ideal for a high fiber diet idea.
  5. High fiber granola. For a high fiber snack idea try mixing organic granola with low fat yogurt. Just eat a few mouthfuls to make room in the cup, then sprinkle granola and add the benefits of a high fiber diet to your midday break.
  6. High fiber spread. Move over mayo, hummus is the king of high fiber foods. Made with chick peas which contain 20 grams of fiber in 180 grams of chick peas, hummus makes an excellent sandwich paste with vegetables or cold cuts.
  7. High fiber noodles. Enjoy a bowl of soy noodles in delicious soy sauce for a wonderful high fiber diet idea with an oriental twist. With 15 grams of fiber in 100 grams of soy flour, no other noodle is as high in fiber as soy noodles.  
  8. High fiber Vegetables. Most green vegetables are rich in fiber, like peas, broccoli or Brussels sprouts. Sweet corn, potato skins and carrots are also excellent high fiber diet sources.
  9. High fiber dessert. Though rich in saturated fat, coconut is also rich in fiber. If you’re going to be bad, use coconut milk in place of cream, and eat coconut cakes, pies and cookies for a heavenly, high fiber diet idea.
  10. High fiber supplement.  If you still can’t get enough high fiber food in your diet, try a fiber supplement like Metamucil that you mix in with a glass of water or high fiber capsules that you take with a full glass of water.

Remember to drink plenty of water when consuming a high fiber diet. Your body requires moisture to process the fiber. Without a sufficient amount of water, fiber will cause constipation rather than regular bowl movements. In addition, bear in mind that your body will take 3 days to become accustomed to a sudden increase in fiber intake.  

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