10 Hip and Cheap Flannel Shirts

Learn about these 10 hip and cheap flannel shirts and you'll be on your way to glorious style:

  1. Pacific Sun: The sales racks at Pacific Sun frequently sell hip/cheap flannel shirts. Look for bright colors and interesting patterns to avoid farmer-styled clothing. Digging through the racks will be well worth it.
  2. REI: Selling many outdoor clothing and materials, this store can provide you with some of the cheapest and hippest flannel shirts. Look for special offers and/or sales while you peruse their assortment. They offer youthful options that will suit many styles.
  3. Forever21 flannel shirts: Although not always available for purchase, Forever21 is the place to find affordable, stylish, and attractive clothing. If you want to make sure you find the best available, browse this store often to grab them the second they're available. When their in stock, it's almost a flannel dream-come-true.
  4. Sears. This store avoids out-dated and expensive clothing. Here you will often find cheap and hip flannel shirts of various colors and pricing options. Possibly one of your best options, the sears shirts also are great quality.
  5. Macy's Flannel Shirts. Especially when in-season, Macy's may have a wide variety of flannel shirts. Here you will find various different designers and styles. Oh, and of course, these flannel shirts are cheap and trendy.
  6. Quicksilver. Quicksilver has many cheap flannel shirts. However, if you are looking for the cheap ones, avoid the ones with grayed-out, dull designs. Look for their truly surfer-inspired flannel options.
  7. JCPenny. An almost dangerous venture due to their frequent odd choice in trends. Yet, if you dig deep enough in the store, you will certainly find a hip and cheap flannel shirt to suit your tastes. You might also want to consider the fabric quality at this choice and take care to avoid flimsy materials.
  8. Merona at Target. This Target brand offers you a wide-range of choices. If you frequent the target store and website, you will be certain to find a great trendy flannel shirt. There is no fear of quality at this store either!
  9. Vans. This brand is primarily known for their trendy shoes. Nonetheless, they also make great trendy clothing including hip flannel shirts. Be on the look out for their sales so you can get the cheapest ones possible.
  10. Fossil. You may not even need to wait for sales with this brand. Regularly priced as low as $20, fossil shirts offer a clean and chic look. Don't avoid this brand when you're in the market for flannel.





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