10 Hip Hop Songs About Cheating

In every genre, there are songs about infidelity and this list of 10 hip hop songs about cheating proves that rap and contemporary R&B are no different. These hip hop songs about cheating take different tacks as some glorify the act, others are about temptation, and others are full of anger about being wronged. For everyone out there, one of these ten hip hop songs about cheating can convey how you feel.

  1. "Trapped in the Closet" by R. Kelly. The epic, multi-part story song by Kells comes at cheating from every possible angle. It begins preposterous and only gets crazier from there. Once you know there's a character named Bridget, it's only logical she'd be cheating with a midget. "Trapped in the Closet" is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about hip hop songs about cheating.
  2. "Don't Gotta Go Home" by DMX (featuring Monica). The X Man gives in to temptation from hook girl Monica in this entry on our list of 10 hip hop songs about cheating. The way she sings, who can blame him?
  3. "Kim" by Eminem. The angriest of our hip hop songs about cheating is maybe one of the angriest songs ever. Rap music has never sounded so chilling as on this tale of spousal murder.
  4. "Temptations" by 2Pac. Pac gives in to the title "Temptations" in his hip hop song about cheating. It is one of his most well-remembered tracks.
  5. "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy. A tongue-in-cheek guide for players who stray, "It Wasn't Me" has the answer to every question a girl might ask right there in the title. "Were you with another girl?" "It Wasn't Me."
  6. "Is That Yo Bitch?" by Jay-Z (featuring Missy Elliott and Twista). Jigga finds himself being hit on by other guys' girls in this entry on the list of hip hop songs about cheating. It's not his fault; he's not the one who's cheating, right?
  7. "Dilemma" by Nelly (featuring Kelly Rowland). A rather romantic duet, especially in comparison to the other songs on the list of 10 hip hop songs about cheating, Nelly wonders if he should sleep with another guy's girl. The way Kelly purrs to him, the answer is obvious.
  8. "2-Way Freak" by Three-6-Mafia. This old school classic is a bit dated in its references and it's the only tune on the list of hip hop songs about cheating where a 2-way pager comes into play. The always tough Three-6 beat saves the song, though.
  9. "Ex-Girlfriend" by Method Man. Meth is angry on this one. One need only listen to the first Wu-Tang album to know what he does when he's angry.
  10. "Undying Love" by Nas. New York rap's born storyteller caps off our list of 10 hip hop songs about cheating with this tale of returning from the road to find someone else in his bed with his girl. Nasty Nas does not react well to this at all.
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