10 Hip Hop Songs That Are About Poverty

If you enjoy the lyrics of a meaningful hip hop song, then you should probably listen to the 10 hip hop songs that are about poverty. When an inspired artist with motivated lyrics reaches out to a disadvantaged audience, the combination results in a hip hop song about poverty. These poverty songs are meant to encourage and remind listeners that even the difficulties of a most impoverished condition can be risen above and overcome.

  1. "Changes" by Tupac Shakur– This song was one of the most recognized songs recorded by Tupac Shakur in the early 90's. His lyrics did not only relate to the hardships of poverty, but also to the struggle blacks faced at the time. The title of the song, "Changes", reinforced a need for a difference throughout the black community instead of settling for the oppressive way things were. 
  2. "Ghetto" by Akon- This song was like an anthem for under privileged neighborhoods because it connected with people living in these places. As the self explanatory title suggests, the lyrics are about experiences with life growing up and living in the ghetto.
  3. "Live Again" by Ying Yang Twins, Adam Levine and Miranda Kenady- These three unlikely artists collaborated to produce a song that lends a voice to those women who've have to make sacrifices, such as stripping, in order to pay the bills and put food on the table for their children. It has a positive message of wanting to live again even through the pain of trials and tribulations.
  4. "It's a hard knock life" by Jay-Z- A hip hop remix to the recognizable song made famous by little orphan Annie, this song attempts to reach out to those in urban areas dealing with "a hard knock life". This song is best understood by anyone who has ever been through hard times or had to work a little harder to get to the advantages that may come easier to more privileged individuals.  
  5. "Untold Stories" by Buju Banton- "Spending a dime while earning a nickel" are some of the lyrics to this ear catching, yet thought provoking song about poverty. More reggae than hip hop, this tune wonderfully explains the "untold stories" of living in and around poverty.
  6. "Ghetto Story Remix" by Baby Cham and Alicia Keys- This musical tale combines some past happenings endured by these two artists mixed in with common experiences of the ghetto. It's a song reflecting back on the rough times while giving hope to those in similar situations by reminding them that they too can rise above their own ghetto story.
  7. "It's hard out here for a pimp" by Three 6 Mafia- This song, made famous by the Oscar winning movie "Hustle and Flow," is not just about a pimp and his workers. It actually relates to anyone who has ever had to hustle-in any form and by any means necessary-just to get by.
  8. "Cold World" by Xzibit- This song provides diverse perspectives into the lives of individuals forced to live in rough areas and do everything possible to survive in a cold world. It provides insight into what it truly means to struggle by describing different scenarios of people dealing with poverty.
  9. "Poverty" by Shawn Desman- This song reminds people to open their hearts and pockets to change the direction of poverty. It reinforces to listeners that we should work together to make a difference towards the growing epidemic of homelessness.
  10. "Coming from where I'm from" by Anthony Hamilton- This soulful hip hop song is about growing up in the hood and having to deal with unlikely situations because of where you're from. Specifically referring to his hometown, Anthony Hamilton sings about the challenges he and others face being from his North Carolina area. 
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