10 Hip Tattoo Ideas

"10 Hip Tattoo Ideas" are not only sexy but most of them are very detailed. Hip tattoos are becoming very popular in todays fashion and is now considered a form of art. Many tattoos are special and have sentimental meaning to the individual it's placed on. The list below will give you ideas for tattoos on your hip, and how to go about picking out the right one.

  1. Butterfly tattoos are very popular and are usually done with color. Butterflies can be tattooed in several different ways. The butterfly can be open winged or lying flat. Both options are very beautiful.
  2. Flower tattoos can be difficult and very painful. Flowers are usually under the open category. Sun flowers, dandelions, or clovers are the most common flowers to be done.
  3. A cursive stem going down the girls side. This tattoo pattern can go all the way up to the waist and around or be nicely placed on the hip bone.
  4. Rose tattoos are very delicate and soft. Rose tattoos are usually surrounded by thorns and are used to write names and dates surrounding the actual rose. Roses symbolize love and the eternity is symbolized by the stem.
  5. Star tattoos have become popular over a certain length of time. Many celebrities have the stars on different parts of their body. The star symbolizes the celebrities former status in the industry. The hip star gives the industry a more sensual look.
  6. Chain hearts are common on the hip bone and around the ankle. The heart chain usually starts at the hip bone and works its way either up the side of the body or down below to the thigh. Hearts are usually small and nicely aligned along the hip.
  7. Astrological signs are small and don't require much detail around the actual tattoo. Astrological signs really speak for themselves and can have a name of the person added below it just for a little kick.
  8. Rainbows are an interesting choice for a hip tattoo design. Most lesbians and gay men will get the rainbow tattooed on them to symbolize their love for their partner. This is the fastest growing tattoo in the tattoo industry besides stars.
  9. Tinker bell is a hip tattoo choice. Tinker bell is very dainty and is known to be tattooed very frequently on the hip of a woman. Men usually don't receive tinker bell tattoos.
  10. If you're a daring person, try fire flames. Fire flames are done better with color and last longer with color. Fire is done in small flames and is brings more attention to the tattoo.
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