10 Historic Boxing Matches

With the advent of UFC, talking about 10 historic boxing matches is, indeed, delving into sports history. But there have been some great fights over the years, that's for sure.

  1. Jack Dempsey vs. Luis Angel Firpo Sept. 14, 1923. Anytime Jack Dempsey fought, it was an event, which qualifies this bout for an historic boxing match. This fight marked the first time a Latin American fighter (Luis Angel Firpo) challenged for the world heavyweight title.
  2. Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier Oct. 1, 1975. This fight is also known as the "Thrilla in Manila", as it took place in the Philippines. Ali won it on a 14th round TKO. And this
  3. Rocky Graziano vs. Tony Zale  July 16, 1947. This is the fight where Graziano beat Tony Zale in six rounds. It's also worth noting that Rocky in the Rocky movies is loosely based upon Graziano.
  4. Joe Louis vs. Billy Conn  June 18, 1941. Up until this point, Joe Louis had mainly fought relative push-overs. But Billy Conn, who was then the light-heavyweight champion, gave Louis the fight of his life in front of 54,487 boxing fans at New York's Polo Grounds.
  5. Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Tommy Hearns Sept. 16, 1981. This fight at Ceasars Palace feature two of boxing's greatest rivals. Leonard won it in the 14th, but there have rarely been two more evenly matched fighters. Both of these fighters found themselves in historic boxing matches.
  6. Aaron Pryor vs. Alexis Arguello Nov. 12, 1982. Everybody talks about steroids in sports. But Aaron Pryor has been accused of drinking a mixture of honey, orange juice, and cocaine, which after being mixed with antihistamine pills, was said to give the fighter greater lung capacity in the later rounds. Oh, and it was also a great welterweight fight.
  7. Joe Gans vs. Battling Nelson Sept. 3, 1906. This fight lasted an amazing 42 rounds. How these two fighters even lived through such an epic is a miracle. Some wars have been fought in less time than this historic boxing match.
  8. Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali I March 8, 1971.  This first historic Frazier/Ali boxing match, which took place at Madison Square Garden, has been called the fight of the century. Oddly enough, Ali was actually the challenger for this one.
  9. Marvin Hagler vs. Tommy Hearns April 15, 1985. This historic boxing match is remembered for how brutal it was. You know it's going to be a great fight when the audience gave these two fighters a standing ovation after the first round.
  10. Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo May 7, 2005. In this WBC lightweight fight, Corrales was knocked down twice in the 10th round, and somehow summoned the strength to rally and beat Castillo on a TKO in this historic boxing match.
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