10 Hockey Skating Drills


New to being a hockey coach and need to know the 10 best hockey skating drills? Don't worry our Sports editors got you covered. We reached out to hockey coaches all over to find out the ten best hockey skating drills. Without further ado here’s our list of the 10 best hockey skating drills.

  1. Shootout: What this drill does is basically allow you to kill two birds with one stone. This drill requires your goalie and one of your forward players. Your forward player basically shoots the puck and your goalie guards the goal. It's simple but without a good goalie and good forward, players you are never going to win any hockey games.

  2. Give-and go: Our number two hockey skating drill is one of the simplest hockey drills yet it is one of the best. What the give and go is one of your players passes to a teammate and that player shoots the puck. If you know the basketball play the give-and go then you basically know this play.

  3. Penalty kill: Our number three hockey skating drill is a very important drill to practice. That drill is shooting penalty shots. You want your players to become very good at this. One missed penalty shot can cost you the game. You also want your goalie to be very good at guarding penalty shots.

  4. Give-and-go-two-on-one: The fourth hockey skating drill on our list is basically like our second one except you add a defender to go along with your two forwards. It allows your players to have a defender to guard the forwards who are starting the play.

  5. Seven man rebound: Our number five hockey skating drill on our list is to help hand eye coordination for your forwards and rebound control for goalies. The drill requires seven forwards standing in front of the net. You can have a defense man or yourself pass the puck from one forward to another who then shoots the puck towards the net while the other players go for the puck when it bounces off the net.

  6. Montreal: Our number six hockey skating drill is the Montreal. The drill helps your players develop their passing, skating and shooting skills. The down side to this is you cannot do this drill unless you have your whole team present. What the drill is you have all your players line up and pass the puck to each other then back to the first person and that person shoots. Then the next person starts the drill and waits for the puck to return back from them to shoot the puck at the goal.

  7. Breakout three on three: The seventh hockey skating drill has the coach dump the puck into the corner. The defensive player will then get the puck and will pass the puck to the other defensive who will then pass the puck to a forward player.

  8. Breakout two on two: Our eighth hockey skating drill is the basically the same as the last drill except you do not have three players. This allows your players to know a simple play if the breakout three on three fails. They can always know they can run that play with two players thanks to this drill.

  9. Relay races: Our ninth hockey skating drill is a basic drill. Your players basically skate back and forth as fast as they can to increase their skating skills. Once your players get really good at it you can add obstacles.

  10. Clover Drill: Our final hockey skating drill is called the clover drill. It helps your players shooting skills and passing skills by having them pass the puck around then having a player shoot the puck.

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