10 Hollywood Brunette Actresses

Not much comes easier than composing a list of  10 Hollywood brunette actresses. It seems as though there are brunette starlets in about every major blockbuster movie or hit television show. Below are just a few actresses who have achieved Hollywood stardom over the years.

  1. Demi Moore. Once one of the most popular actresses during the '80s and '90s, Moore is now best known for dating Ashton Kutcher. Some of her more popular movies are "St Elmo's Fire" (1985), "About Last Night" (1986), "Ghost" (1990), and "Indecent Proposal" (1993).
  2. Megan Fox. One of the most searched names on the Internet, Megan Fox's career took off when she landed a starring role in the hit movie "The Transformers." Fox's name can also be found on most men's magazine's "hottest women" lists.
  3.  Evangeline Lilly. This Canadian born actress is best known for her role as Kate Austen in the ABC hit drama, "Lost." Though she had a few minor roles in "Smallville" and "Dead Like Me;" "Lost" was the first speaking role for the gorgeous brunette actress.
  4. Teri Hatcher. A former NFL cheerleader, this brunette actress went on to Hollywood fame; appearing in minor roles in hit television series such as "The Love Boat," "MacGyver," and "Quantum Leap," before landing the role of Lois Lane in the 1993 ABC drama, "Lois & Clark." She also appeared on one of "Seinfeld's" most memorable episodes when Jerry sent Elaine into the locker room to try to determine if her breasts were real. Now she is one of the highest paid television actresses for her role as Susan Mayer on "Desperate House Wives."
  5. Carrie Anne Moss. Moss is the second Canadian to make Hollywood's ten brunette actresses list. While Moss is best known for her role as Trinity in the "Matrix" movies, she has also appeared in "Red Planet,"  "Chocolat," "The Crew," and the controversial movie, "Unthinkable."
  6. Penelope Cruz. Cruz was the first Spaniard to be receive a Golden Globe for her role in the 2008 Woody Allen movie "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." She also had starring roles in "Blow" and "Vanilla Sky." Cruz will be playing Jack Sparrow's former love interest in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," which is set to be released in May, 2011.
  7. Sandra Bullock. A top ten Hollywood brunette actress list would not be complete without adding Sandra Bullock. One of the most popular actresses during the last two decades, she starred in notable films such as "Demolition Man," "Speed," "The Net," "Hope Floats," "Miss Congeniality," "Crash," and the "Blind Side;" the latter earning her an Oscar for best actress.
  8. Shannen Doherty. Most famous for her role as Heather Duke in the 1989 movie "Heathers," and as Brenda Walsh in "Beverly Hills 90210." this Hollywood brunette recently competed on "Dancing with the Stars." 
  9. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jennifer Love Hewitt gained fame in her role as Sara Reeves in "Party of Five," and  had success on the big screen as she starred in "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and its sequel. Hewitt was also named as "the sexiest woman in world" by the 1999 issue of Maxim.
  10. Jennifer Tilly. Tilly is the second brunette actress named Jennifer to make this list. In addition to being a successful Hollywood actress, she is an accomplished poker player as she has won a World Series of Poker Ladies' Event Bracelet. 
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