10 Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Ten homemade anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend include a range of presents from small tokens of your love to fairly large projects that require more than a week of work. Depending on the anniversary number, or your own personal stamina, the gift list has options for all levels of commitment. An anniversary is a special time for many couples, but females tend to view the special date as more significant than many males. If you're a guy who can take or leave anniversaries, do yourself a favor and err on the side of overdoing, rather than slighting the day. Making a gift is one way to save a few bucks while looking like you've gone all out to celebrate. 

  1. Photo album. A collection of photos of your time together is a great anniversary present to show your girlfriend that you enjoy your time together. Put the images in a special book to add flash. If you're especially talented, whip up a homemade book for the images. 
  2. Scrapbook of memories. Dig up some of the artifacts from places you've gone with your girlfriend. If you didn't save any, don't stress; collect a few things quickly from the places you and your girlfriend enjoy and pretend you've collected them over time. Glue the group into a scrapbook with a few images of the two of you and wrap it up. 
  3. Keepsake box. The girlfriend anniversary keepsake box is a variation on the theme of a scrapbook. Make a wooden box or select a sturdy cardboard box and cover with photos. Fill the box with the same type of things you'd put into a scrapbook and this gift is done. 
  4. Music CD. Select some of your girlfriend's favorite tunes and decorate the cover for a special homemade anniversary gift for your girlfriend. Mix some up-tempo tunes on the disk, as well as some romantic slow songs so the CD can be played in the car or at home. Add a slogan on the CD itself, so that your girlfriend will remember you, even when she doesn't have the CD cover. 
  5. Picnic lunch. Pack a special picnic lunch and take your anniversary lady on a special outing. Even if you can't make homemade dishes, the menu selection was your idea. Don't forget to pack plates, eating utensils, napkins and a table cloth for ground cover or a more formal display on a picnic bench. 
  6. Box dinner. If your girlfriend works or has school during the day, whip up a romantic dinner and box it. Take the boxes and pick her up for a special evening at the beach or at the park. If you can't cook, look up a good restaurant for the meal part, but do the boxing yourself. 
  7. Special cake. Even if you don't cook well, a boxed cake is not that difficult to make. If you think cooking a cake is out of your league, try some brownies or a batch of cookies. Remember, it's the thought that counts for homemade anniversary gifts for your girlfriend. 
  8. Write a Poem. If you're better at writing than cooking, whip up a poem for your girlfriend. No need to write something long or elaborate, but do focus on the nature of your feelings and be sure to use the word "love." After all, it's an anniversary. 
  9. Write a Song. If you write and also play an instrument, write a song for your anniversary. If you're a songwriter, but don't play an instrument, hire a band or a soloist to perform your song. 
  10. Art. Anniversary art is something your girlfriend can keep forever. Whip up a drawing, painting or even a pencil sketch. If you're really talented, give your girlfriend a tattoo for the special date. 
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