10 Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Those who have a girlfriend's special day coming up but lacking in terms of cash may need these 10 homemade birthday gift ideas for girlfriends. Let's face it, sometimes these kind of celebrations just come up and sneak up on us men and we are either ill prepared for it because we do not have time to get a gift or are a bit strapped for cash to buy that special someone a gift. Definitely we do need to get a gift for our special partner in life but it need not be bought off the shelf!

  1. Bake a Cake. No birthday is complete without proverbial birthday cake. However, should you lack the kitchen equipment or skills for this, then a handful of pancakes stacked three to four layers thick compete with icing and a small candle on top should do the trick.
  2. Burn a CD. A compilation of her favorite songs burned onto a CD should put a smile on her face. Just make sure it is her favorite songs and not yours!
  3. Make a drawing or painting. Making a drawing or a painting for her should be considered especially if you have some drawing or sketching talent. Make it tasteful and colorful by using easy to use watercolors and pastels. Complete it with a short note or dedication at the bottom to maximize its effect.
  4. Compile a photo album. You can make an album of your favorite moments together. Burn them on a cd or print them out and put in an album or scrapbook made especially for her.
  5. Make her breakfast. Wake up much earlier than you are usually accustomed to and hit the kitchen before she wakes up. Do take your time in making the perfect breakfast and give her a great breakfast in bed.
  6. Write a poem. Most men find it sappy to write love poems or letters, but many women actually find it very cute. Try this out to show your sensitive side that shows her that you care.
  7. Make a simple stitch project. Something that is now quite popular with men is cross-stitching. Find a simple project or pattern to do and give it to her on her special day. It might even be a topic for a few laughs!
  8. Do some origami. Origami flowers or animals are always cute for girls. Surf for some designs and instructions on the internet. Be sure to dip your creation in some light lacquer or varnish so that they will last a long time.
  9. Make a collage. Print out a lot of nice adjectives you think about your girlfriend and use 30 points font for this. Think of all the nice adjectives, and bad ones if you like, to describe your special someone and paste them on the wall.
  10. Make an original card. Some may see this as the gift given by cheapskates but this is far from the truth. Make a great and personal card with lots of time and effort, and it will be better than one you can buy off the shelf.
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