10 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Looking for a unique Christmas gift for that special someone, then, consider any of the 10 homemade Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend listed this year. Most people believe you have to buy an expensive gift to impress your girlfriend, but you can make homemade Christmas gifts and impress her as well. The time, design, color and presentation of your gift will emphasize how much thought and effort you invested in creating that special gift.

  1. Make baked treats such as cookies. You can use your girlfriend's favorite magazine's recipe or use an online cooking site to obtain an easy cookie recipe. Use one that has high reviews, this way your cookie or whatever sweets you create will be more successful. Be sure to follow the instructions indicated exactly, baking is a bit more precise than cooking so do not improvise the ingredients.
  2. Consider creating a scrapbook for your homemade Christmas gift. Scrapbooking is very popular and an area seldom used by men. This craft is easy because their is no right or wrong design. Use your favorite pictures of the two you together, and add any mementos you may have in the home such as tickets to the ball game, the movies or any other venue.  Add name and places to your scrapbook pages or your favorite quotes and poem for that special touch.
  3. Create a shelf for your girlfriend this Christmas. Is your girlfriend a crafter or just need extra storage space?. Why not use your carpentry skill to create a shelf for her Christmas gift. You can purchase inexpensive board from your favorite hardware store, and make her a small shelf. Use colors that will complement her current color scheme or use colors that you know she likes. If you lack carpentry skills, buy shelves at a flea market, refurbish the shelf and give it as a gift.
  4. Make glass marble magnet for your girlfriend for Christmas. Glass marble magnet are good girlfriend gifts for the holidays and easy to make with minimal cost. Buy the glass marbles at the dollar store add your girlfriend favorite picture or a magazine clipping to the glass, and finish your magnet.
  5. Create a personalized calendar for your girlfriend. Creating a personalized calendar is a great gift idea if your girlfriend is sentimental. Consider adding photos of the two of you on vacation  or maybe just hanging out together.
  6. Pamper me gifts are a great gift for a girlfriend at Christmas time. Fill the gift basket with all her favorite pampering gifts such as bath salts, lotions and candles. Buy these items cheaply and find a basket at the dollar store with the plastic wrap, ribbon. Spend an hour or two and you have a lovely pampering gift basket for that special lady during the holidays. 
  7. Think about making a goody food basket. Gather all your gift basket material, buy or make your own goodies and add to the basket, and you have a great Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend.
  8. Is your girlfriend a writer? If so, make her a journal. Buy an exercise book and add some colorful paper or fabric that you think she would like, and you have a journal that she will be happy to receive.
  9. Consider buying your girlfriend an exercise book. If she keeps a diary, you can cover the exercise book using scrapbook paper that you can purchase at most craft store. You can add her favorite’s quotes or poems to the diary.
  10. Buy a sign at your local craft store. Take the sign and add your girlfriend favorite verse or poem to the sign. There are many great poems online select one she might like if you are not sure which verse or poems she would like.
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