10 Homemade Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

These 10 homemade gift ideas for a girlfriend will show her your creative side. You don't need to spend a lot of money to make her happy, women are often more impressed with the time and effort a guy puts into a gift. Don't hold back and use your imagination.

  1. Photo album. Gather pictures of the two of you together and apart. You can also add notes and mementos to make this homemade gift more personal.
  2.  A video. You can  take pictures your girlfriend, and of you two together and make them into a video with some of the music that reminds you of your relationship. If you have videos of both of you they can be added as well.
  3. A coupon book. This is a great homemade gift that your girlfriend can use for a while. Make coupons for dates and back rubs that she can cash in when she wants them.
  4. Emergency kit. This homemade gift idea is more on the practical side, but it lets her know that you are thinking of her. Get a bag and fill it with survival things for her car such as a flashlight and batteries, a small radio, bottled water, and a blanket.
  5. Basket of bath goodies. Most women love to take the time for a long bath. You can make your girlfriend a homemade bath goodie bag and fill it with her favorite scents and soaps.
  6. Bake Cookies. What girl doesn't like sweets? Any girlfriend would love a homemade gift of chocolate chip cookies, or her favorite kind of cookies made especially by you for her.
  7. Make a Map of Your Life. This homemade gift idea spells out the details of your life together. Start with your first date, and list things you have done together. Include your first movie, your first kiss, and other things like your favorite restaurant. You can either make it a timeline, or you can make a map of your city and mark all the places that mean something to you.
  8. Pottery. Go to a do it yourself pottery store and paint a piece of pottery for her. These places will fire the pottery for you after you paint it.
  9. A Shelf. If you are a handy guy you can make a homemade shelf for your girlfriend. It can be one that stands on the floor or hangs on the wall.
  10. Make her dinner. Plan out a nice romantic dinner where you make everything from start to finish. Have everything ready and the table set before she gets there so you can give her the royal treatment.
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