10 Horror Movies To Watch With A Date

Since the dawn of time, guys have know that watching horror movies with a date is a brilliant idea and these 10 horror movies to watch with a date are no exception.  Ever since the first cave chick snuggled up to the first cave man as they watched "Night of the Living Tyrannosaurus," men have known that there's no better way to get close to a girl than by scaring the living bejeezus out of her.  Whether its a zombie attack or a martian invasion, the more she gets freaked out, the more likely you'll be able to get your freak on.  So, run to the nearest movie store because here are ten of the best movies to watch with a date. 

  1. Halloween (1978) – It's an absolute classic, and after over thirty years, it's still scary.  There's plenty of build-up to let you and your date get into the story line, but the last twenty minutes are pure terror.  The moment she sets eyes on Michael Myers, she'll coming running straight to you.
  2. The Shining (1980) – Another undeniable classic, this is the perfect movie if your girl is more into psychological scares than monsters or zombies. Jack's slow descent into madness will be accompanied perfectly by her slow descent into your arms.  Warning: Nude shot of an old lady. Weird.
  3. Dead Alive (1992) – Not many people have seen this one, but it was actually directed by Peter Jackson (the Lord of the Rings dude).  It is without a doubt the most ridiculous, disgusting, outrageous horror movie of all time.  If you've got a date with a sense of humor and a strong stomach, pick it up.
  4. 28 Days Later (2002) – Zombie movies are a staple for horror movie date watching because their legitimately scary while still being slightly ridiculous.  She'll be leaping into your arms, but also chuckling here and there as the idea of humanity being infected by "rage" sets in.
  5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) – Let's talk about double whammies.  This remake not only serves up tons of scares and excitement, but also gives you shot after shot of Jessica Biel's huge rack.  Your girl will be terrified, you will be visually stimulated, it's the perfect combination.  Warning:  While this is a great horror movie to watch with a date, we take no responsibility for any awkward "excitement" that occurs while watching.
  6. Saw (2004) – Here's the great thing about the Saw movies.  They're disgusting.  They've made their mark by showing things other horror movies don't dare to.  Why's that so great?  Because your date will hate watching it and constantly be shielding her eyes against you.  Boom!  Cuddle city.
  7. Shaun of the Dead (2004) – Sometimes you want to laugh while you're being scared.  This is a great way to break a girl into the world of horror movies if she isn't too crazy about them.  Plenty of laughs, tons of gore, and a great movie to enjoy with a date.
  8. House of Wax (2005) – Face it dude, your girl is never going to watch the Paris Hilton sex tape with you.  So, why not go for the next best thing?  This isn't the kind of movie that will win any awards, but with hot girls and cool death scenes, you can't go wrong.
  9. The Descent (2005) – What do chicks love watching more than guys in scary situations?  Chicks in scary situations!  All the main characters in The Descent are women, so watching it with a date will satisfy her need for "girl power" without sacrificing the best qualities of a great horror movie.
  10. Vacancy (2007) – The movie centers around a failing married couple getting scared to death and trying to found love again.  It's a perfect horror movie to put in if your relationship is on the rocks and your girl needs reminded that no matter how insensitive you are, you're not a murderous psychopath.
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