10 Hot 40 Year-Old Plus Women

Like a good wine, some women improve with age and there are many ten hot 40 year-old plus women that prove that fact every day. While there is always a “flavor of the day” for the teen crowds, there are women over 40 who are just as hot while adding a beauty that can only come with maturity. From cult movie stars to sex symbols, these women are as hot after turning 40 as they were twenty years ago.

  1. Naomi Watts – Naomi Watts' appearance in a cheerleader uniform in the David Cronenberg movie, “A History of Violence,” is wish fulfillment for many of her male fans. She is one of Hollywood’s hot 40 year-old plus women and only seems to be getting better with time.
  2. Nicole Kidman – Born in 1967, Nicole Kidman remains one of cinema’s hot 40 year-old plus women. She stars in action movies, romances and dramas and has been married to both actor Tom Cruise and musician Keith Urban.
  3. Courtney Cox – Why David Arquette left his wife, who remains one of America’s hot 40 year-old plus women, is puzzling. She stars in movies like the “Scream” franchise and became popular for her role on “Friends,” remaining one of the most beautiful women working in Hollywood today.
  4. Demi Moore – Demi Moore has been acting since the early eighties and, almost three decades later, remains one of movie’s hot 40 year-old plus women. Her tabloid relationship with ex-husband Bruce Willis and current husband Ashton Kutcher dominates the headlines, but she still remains smoking hot.
  5. Halle Berry – Halle Berry was paid a large amount of money to bear her chest in the action movie “Swordfish.” It was well worth it to see what this member of Hollywood's hot 40 year-old plus women had to offer. She also shows off in a tight cat-suit for the comic book movie “Catwoman.”
  6. Salma Hayek – Seeing Salma Hayek in the horror movie “From Dusk Till Dawn,” as she stands on the stripper walkway with the snake slithering down her, is all it takes to call her one of cinema’s hot 40 year-old plus women. She also appears nude in “Desperado” and does a striptease in “Dogma.”
  7. Marisa Tomei – Marisa Tomei is one of Hollywood’s hot 40 year-old plus women, starting in Troma movies before winning an Oscar for “My Cousin Vinny.” Recently, she appears topless through much of the Mickey Rourke movie, “The Wrestler.”
  8. Monica Bellucci – Monica Bellucci set men’s libidos on fire with her corset baring appearance in the “Matrix” trilogy. One of cinema’s hot 40 year-old plus women, Bellucci also appears completely nude in the French horror movie “Brotherhood of the Wolf.”
  9. Famke Janssen – While most fans know her as Jean Grey in the “X-Men” movies, Janssen has a number of great movies under her belt, albeit none with nudity. Her leather-clad appearance in “X-Men” is all we have to go on to rank her among the hot 40 year-old plus women.
  10. Elizabeth Hurley – She is Hugh Grant’s ex but is also one of showbiz’s hot 40 year-old plus women. She makes Satan look sexy in "Bedazzled" and bares all in a number of films in the early nineties. Plus, her accent makes her even hotter.
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