10 Hot Abercrombie Models

Ever wish you had the phone numbers for 10 hot Abercrombie models? Well, we can't help you with phone numbers, but we can definitely give you the names and some other details on these gorgeous girls. Just be ready. Abercrombie models are some of the most beautiful women in the world.

  1. Yesica Toscanini: Perhaps one of the best-known Abercrombie models, Yesica Toscanini is a breathtaking Argentine fashion model. In addition to her photo shoots for Abercrombie, she has also appeared in "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit" issues in the past and played Enrique Iglesias' high school sweetheart in the video for his song "Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)."
  2. Camille Rowe: With 32-22-35 measurements on a 5'9" frame, Camille Rowe is a beautiful girl with killer curves. This sleek blue-eyed beauty has a frail girl-next-door innocence with a sultry twist.
  3. Britt Bolton: If blondes are your thing, beautiful Britt Bolton sports a pale blonde bob and a very fresh new look about her. While still relatively new to the scene, she's a unique face that leaves a lasting impression.
  4. Heide Lindgren: Floridian redhead Heide Lindgren became one of the coveted Abercrombie models after she was discovered by a model scout, while she was at a Britney Spears concert.
  5. Yoko Tsukuki: There has been discussion in the past about the lack of Asian, Latino and Middle-Eastern Abercrombie models. To prove those nay-sayers wrong, Yoko Tsukuki proves that not only are there Abercrombie models of Asian descent, but that they're drop-dead gorgeous too.
  6. Hilary Rhoda: One of the highest paid models, according to Forbes magazine, Hilary Rhoda is a stunning, blue-eyed brunette with a sort of Brooke Shields charm. According to her website, this Abercrombie model enjoys playing field hockey when she's not modeling.
  7. Daisy Robinton: A beautifully leggy woman with a sweet-yet-sultry air, Daisy Robinton has rightfully earned her place on our list of hot Abercrombie models and, unless her Tweets are lying, she cooks a mean chicken! (We're just wondering what a couscous is.)
  8. Sammy Jo Wilkenson: This striking African-American model has that amazing look that's usually expected of Abercrombie models, but there's also a soft elegance in her eyes that captivates. But with 34-24-34 measurements, the rest of her is certainly worth checking out too!
  9. Alexandra Richards: Blonde bombshell and daughter of legendary Rolling Stone, Keith Richards, Alexandra may have some famous parents, but this girl has paved her own path. With polished rock chick charm, Alexandra is every teenage boy's dream as well as one of our favorite Abercrombie models.
  10. Heidi Dyck: And because there's something absolutely charming about hot Abercrombie models with ringlets and freckles, we have to include newcomer Heidi Dyck. This beauty is new to the modeling scene, but she's making enough of a stir that we'll probably be seeing a lot more of her.
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