10 Hot Actresses With Short Hair

Oh yes, 10 hot actresses with short hair. The days when femininity was in part defined by the length of a woman's hair are over. Women all over the world are rocking the new short and sporty dos. Actresses with short hair are no different. In a field where female beauty has historically been pigeon holed, many actresses with short hair are helping to kill the long haired definition of beauty. These ten hot actresses with short hair show that it's not the length of the hair that makes you sexy it's the overall package. And, these ten short haired actresses have way more than enough in their respective packages to make any man fall head over heals. 

  1. Halle Berry. This goddess among women was the queen of the short haired actress beauties. She is probably the first woman to really embrace the sexiness of her short hair. Most movies she's in show her rocking that perfectly short do. 
  2. Keira Knightly. One word. "Domino." If you haven't seen it, rent it. Keira Knightly is known for wearing the long locks. But, in "Domino" she chops off all of her hair and manages to gun down waves of bad guys too. A movie with Keira Knightly and guns? What more does a man need?
  3. Nia Long. This eternally beautiful short haired actress is known for playing the sexy bad ass, or the tomboy chick in her flicks. You can not deny her beauty or her talent. Not to mention she just oozes sexiness on screen. Check out "Friday" or "Boiler Room" or "Love Jones" and you just may fall in love yourself.
  4. Carrie Anne Moss. All you fellas know this woman. She played the sexy ass kicker "Trinity" in the "Matrix" films. There's not a woman alive that could look sexier in those tight leather ensembles, short haired or otherwise.
  5. Demi Moore. She's just fine no matter what she does to the do. But, check her out in "Ghost." Yeah it's a chick flick, but she's smoking hot. And you can't say you didn't want to comfort her when her man got murdered. 
  6. Winona Ryder. Here's yet another beauty that looks good with the short hair or lengthier locks. She's been in the acting game for a long time but she seems to never age. She's a diamond among women. She looks good with long hair, but even hotter with a shorter style. 
  7. Charlize Theron. Does she really need an introduction. When doesn't she look good. Check out "Devil's Advocate." She was so beautiful in that flick with her long curly hair. Midway through the film, she sheds the curls for a short, straight style. Guess what, guys? It's Charlize Theron. She'd be hot bald. Though dudes everywhere would appreciate it if she didn't test out that theory.
  8. Alyssa Milano. Awww, that little girl from "Who's The Boss" grew up into one of the most beautiful women ever to set foot on screen. She just emits sexiness from her pores. When she rocks the short do, there's something freaky and slightly nasty about it. Which, is no shock at all, totally and utterly alluring to guys worldwide.
  9. Hayden Panetierre. She was the reason to watch "Heroes" during the first two seasons. The show has since then added some other cuties, but Hayden Panettierre is holding it down for all the short haired blondes out there. She's not what people would call conventionally beautiful. Well, to hell with convention. She's more stunning than a jab to the face by Mike Tyson.
  10. Sanaa Lathan. This chick is bad. Like many of the other women on this list, it seems as if she just doesn't age. She's got at least three generations of men drooling over her at any given time. She pulls of the short hair thing without an issue. It fits quite well with her beautifully tight and sporty figure.
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