10 Hot Asian American Actresses

If you love seeing a bit of diversity on TV or in the movies, then be sure to look up these 10 hot Asian American actresses. The following leading ladies have really pushed the envelope in their respective fields to ensure that Asian American actresses are playing more than just exoticized dragon ladies, but in fact deep and multi-dimensional characters. 

  1. Maggie Q. Though she got her start in Hong Kong, this beauty soon made her way onto the American movie scene in starring roles in "Rush Hour 2" and "Balls of Fury," to name a few. Her rock-solid abs and slender figure make her the stuff of dreams, and the unending tenacity she injects into every role she plays makes her one of the best Asian American actresses to date.
  2. Kelly Hu. This star of "X2: X-Men United" is an eclectic mix of Chinese, Filipino, Hawaiian, and English ancestries. She was also the very first Asian American to win the Miss Teen USA pageant back in 1985, and the first ever Asian American actress to be featured on the cover of "Maxim." Clearly, she's shown that one can pave the road for others with pure hotness.
  3. Lucy Liu. Not just one of the most famous hot Asian American actresses, she happens to be one of the most respected. She's known for constantly bringing up the dichotomy of growing up as an American citizen but the child of Chinese immigrants in interviews, as well as incorporating those ideas into each of her characters. She also happens to be the first Asian American female to ever host "Saturday Night Live."
  4. Yunjin Kim. This Korean-American actress is best known for her role on the hit TV drama "Lost." She's also known for her great body and amazing face, having been ranked as #96 on the "Maxim Hot 100" list from 2006. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of her now that "Lost" is finally over.
  5. Jamie Chung. First discovered on the MTV reality show, "Real World: San Diego," this Korean-American woman is slowly becoming one of the most talked-about hot Asian American actresses. Many consider her role in the recent box office bomb "Dragonball Evolution" to be the only watchable part of the entire movie, thanks in part to her rocking body and gorgeous smile.
  6. Kristin Kreuk. Easily one of the most famous Asian American actresses in television, this starlet proved that even the Man of Steel can get weak in the knees around a beautiful face. Even though she hasn't done much since her days as Lana Lane in "Smallville," her hotness has fans still anticipating her next TV, or possibly film, role.
  7. Vanessa Hudgens. Ever since those nude photos of her circulated the Internet, we all knew that this Disney star was one of the hottest Asian American actresses out there. A mix of Filipino and Chinese-American heritages, she burst out onto the scene with the insurmountably-popular "High School Musical" franchise and has become nearly unstoppable since. 
  8. Grace Park. Having been on the pages of "Maxim" and "FHM," she's easily one of the hottest women in Hollywood. This Asian-American actress also starred in the sci-fi hit series "Battlestar Galactica," as the unbelievably complex Boomer. This role in particular solidified her status as a nerd goddess.
  9. Olivia Munn. This half-Japanese sex symbol has been getting an increased amount of exposure as of late. Besides being a co-host on G4's insanely popular "Attack of the Show," she's also appeared in several major motion pictures, including "Iron Man 2," "The Slammin' Salmon," and "Date Night." 
  10. Brenda Song. It might seem weird to call a girl who's majority of work has been on the Disney Channel hot, but make no mistake, this one is smoking. Besides her work on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," Brenda has appeared in a number of made-for-television films and is slated to appear in the upcoming Facebook biopic  "The Social Network."
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