10 Hot Asian Models

Ever wonder who the ten hottest Asian models are? I bet you did and below is a list of the ten hottest Asian models.

  1. Misa Campo – Misa Campo is a budding model with looks that make a man drool. Misa may not look overtly Asian, or Asian at all, but she is one of the ten hottest Asian Models.
  2. Jenny Chu – Jenny Chu is a very pettite Asian with the eyes that stare into your soul. Jenny Chu is a pretty established Asian model and for a very good reason, she is one of Asia's top ten models.
  3. Lily Figuera – Lily is just as pretty as her name. With long legs and a cute face, Lily might be the most gorgeous Asian model around. No doubt in anybody's mind this lovely Asian is one of the ten hottest Asian models.
  4. Carla Maria – Carla Maria is a Filipina with a set of the prettiest lips i have ever seen. Her mix of Filipino, Chinese, and Spanish no doubt gives her a head up on almost every other model around. How can a girl with such a lovely mix of ethnicity not be one of the ten hottest Asian models?
  5. Elle Navarro – This mix of Caucasian and Filipino has every man rushing out to see her pose. Elle is a very popular important model and has recently been dipping her feet in the acting pool, and who can blame her? With looks like that its a crime she's not already on television.
  6. Natasha Yi – You have probably seen this lovely face in numerous places. Maybe "Rush Hour Two"? "Cradle To The Grave"? How about "The Price is Right"? The point is that Natasha Yi gets around, making her one of the hottest and well known Asian models out there.
  7. Kelly Hu – Yet another lady of such amazing ethnicity. Kelly Hu is part Chinese and part Hawaiian. Better known for her acting, Kelly Hu is a model whose name is out there. She might be one of the most popular Asian models, and after taking one look at her you'll know why.
  8. Tila Nguyen – Better known as the Myspace celebrity and VH1 star Tila Tequila. Not putting her on this list would be a sin. Tila gained much popularity by being the first MySpace celebrity and has used that exposure to become one of the greatest models in America.
  9. Vivian Hsu – Vivian might just be the prettiest model on here. This mix of Japanese and Taiwanese makes Vivian just lovely. She has close to no popularity in America but over in East Asia she is a queen. She is a singer, actress, and model, making her Asia's version of Hilary Duff.
  10. Hiromi Oshima – Hiromi Oshima is possibly the oldest on this list but she is still very great-looking. Oshima has been featured in many magazines including a 2005 issue of playboy. Do i need to even say anything else? If she is good enough for Hef then she must be one of the ten hottest Asian models.

So there they are. All of them have different ethnicities and different features, but they are all no doubt the ten hottest Asian models.

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