10 Hot Asian Moms

The 10 hot Asian moms are living proof that having children does not diminish one's beauty or allure. These Asian moms may have kids but they still have what it takes it makes heads turn.

  1. Matsushima Nanako. Married to fellow actor Sorimachi Takashi, this Japanese actress started of as a swimsuit model before embarking on a successful acting career. She is immortalized by her role in the Asian horror classic “The Ring.” Widely regarded as one of the finest actors of her generation, Nanako, continues to earn roles with her looks, talent and elegance.

  2. Harumi Inoue. Looking at the amazing frame of the 35-year-old Asian model, it's almost impossible to believe that she already has 2 children. A petite 5 feet and 4 inches, her body is toned by years of competition-level swimming.

  3. Claudine Barretto-Santiago. This 31-year-old Filipino actress started with teenybopper roles which later evolved to more serious projects. Even after giving birth mid-2007, she continues to maintain the look she had when she was in her early 20's.

  4. Kim Hee-Seon. Asian star Kim Hee-Seon took a brief hiatus after she gave birth. The Korean based actress who played opposite Jacky Chan in “The Myth,” is said to return to acting very soon.

  5. Ewong Weng Hong. Hong Kong's Ewong Weng Hong actually modeled while she was pregnant a few years ago. Today this Category 3 (quasi-pornographic) actress may be seen endorsing clothes or lingerie in local Asian publications.

  6. Ziana Zain. Asian pop icon Zain is well into her 40's with four children (two step-children with husband Armin Zaharin). Her singing career continues to flourish as well as firmly entrenching herself as one of the prettiest Asian moms around.

  7. Daphne Ikling. This model and television personality was actually voted as Malaysia's sexiest back in 2006. Today this 31-year-old is still very visible on Malaysian television thanks in part to her astounding looks.

  8. Rie Miyazawa. The former J-pop artist gave birth to a baby girl early 2009. She continues to have her plate full with several movie and television projects.

  9. Zhao Wei. Also known as her English alias,Vicki Zhao, this Chinese actress burst into the scene with Shaolin Soccer, So Close and Warriors of Heaven and Earth. In 2005, Zhao was selected as the most beautiful Chinese woman in a nationwide ballot. Today, she still remains as popular as ever.

  10. Ruffa Gutierrez. Another classic Asian beauty, Gutierrez hails from a prominent acting family in the Philippines. This award-winning actress and former beauty queen is regarded as one of the most beautiful and glamorous Asian moms.

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