10 Hot Asian Supermodels

The list of 10 hot Asian supermodels includes names you may know and names you may not have heard of yet. Through their work in magazine advertisements and on Asian television, these girls are gaining a following all over the world. It will not be long before you have heard of every entry on the list of the ten hot Asian supermodels.

  1. Du Juan—China Du Juan is a Chinese beauty who was runner up in the Ford Supermodel of the World contest. She has a long list of corporate sponsors she has worked for, which include Louis Vuitton and Malo.
  2. Kay Sivilay—Thailand Kay Sivilay was born in Thailand and became a competitive swimmer in California after her family moved to Los Angeles when she was a child. She has done commercials and magazine layouts in the United States and Asia. As of 2010, she's starting to get involved in film.
  3. Hye-Rim Park—South Korea Hye-Rim Park was born in Seoul, South Korea and is a true member of the ten hot Asian supermodels list who has no interest in acting. Some of her high profile clients include Christian Dior and Chanel.
  4. Yukie Nakama—Japan On top of being one of the ten hot Asian supermodels, she is also an actress, singer and songwriter.
  5. Devon Aoki—Japan Devon Aoki was born to an American mother and Japanese father. She has done some acting, but she is primarily known as an Asian supermodel. She has done modeling work for Chanel and Versace.
  6. Anne Watanabe—Japan Anne Watanabe was born to award-winning Japanese actor Ken Watanabe and his wife. As a supermodel, she is often referred to as just Anne.
  7. Ai Tominaga—Japan Ai Tominaga was born in the Kanagawa region of Japan. She has done an international layout in "Vogue" and has walked the runway for famous designers, such as Gucci and Banana Republic.
  8. Chiaki Kuriyama—Japan Chiaki Kuriyama is best known to Western audiences as Gogo Yubari from "Kill Bill" (2003). She started out as a child model and has become one of the ten hot Asian supermodels in the business.
  9. Liu Wen—China Liu Wen was born in the Chinese city of Yongzhou. She has appeared in "Cosmo" and the Chinese edition of "Vogue." She is also known for being the first Chinese model to appear in a Victoria's Secret fashion show.
  10. Kurara Chibana—Japan Among the claims to fame for this member of the list of ten hot Asian supermodels is her title as 2006 Miss Japan and her run in the 2006 Miss Universe pageant. Since October 2006 she has been a regular on the Nippon Television Network's show "News Zero."
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