10 Hot Black Actresses 2010

This list of ten hot black actresses 2010 reveals the sexiest chocolate mamis who took men's breath away this year. Commemorating some great breakout roles and other amazing performances, this article is a salute to all the beautiful black actresses out there.

  1. Zoe Saldana. Zoe Saldana’s had several home runs the past few years, putting on amazing performances in movies like “Star Trek” and “Avatar." The sexy black and Dominican actress is slim, caramel-coated and has expressively beautiful brown eyes.
  2. Beyonce Knowles. Grammy-winning, chart-topping Beyonce wasn’t directly seen in any movies in theaters this year, but the Houston native has been improving her thespian skills in silent performances in her video “Why Don’t You Love Me?” as well as still living off the success of her first production, “Obsessed."
  3. Thandie Newton. “Crash” actress Thandie Newton is another beautiful black actress who we’ve drooled over this year. The sexy actress played a lost, love-jilted woman scarred by incest in “For Colored Girls” this year alongside a bevy of talent.
  4. Janet Jackson. Janet is another hot black actress for 2010. Jackson displayed remarkable performances in both “Why Did I Get Married Too?” and “For Colored Girls” alongside the previously mentioned Thandie Newton.
  5. Jill Scott. Okay, who cares if she’s plus-sized? Jill Scott is a beautiful, thick black actress with a sensual smile and outstanding performance quality. She lit up screens in “Why Did I Get Married Too?” alongside Janet Jackson. Did we mention that she can sing?
  6. Kerry Washington. Kerry Washington’s delicious bee-stung lips and phenomenally seductive aura blend well on the screen. Whether she’s a married wife in an interracial relationship, or a social worker trying to save families while struggling to start her own, Washington’s beauty makes her stand out no matter what her role is.
  7. Lauren London. Lauren London my be a mother, but this hot black actress knows how to work with the best of them. She’s been in roles as silly as “New New” in TI’s “ATL” and in more preppy and uppity roles in teen flicks such as “I Love You Beth Cooper."
  8. Tasha Smith. Tasha Smith’s curvy chocolate curves reek of sass. The hot black actress has been observed in several movies, including “Why Did I Get Married Too?” and “Couples Retreat."
  9. Kimberly Elise. People always try to ignore Miss Elise. But the soulful-eyed, full lipped and talented black actress stole the show in “For Colored Girls” this year. She also knew how to work the screen in “Diary of a Mad black Woman” as well. Don’t sleep on her.
  10. Paula Patton. Sexy hot black actress Paula Patton is also known as white chocolate crooner Robin Thicke’s wife. She’s a vixen, a villain, an open-hearted lesbian social worker – oh, just so many things depending on the movie, the role and the type of persona she wants to put on. This sexy hot black actress rounds out the list of ten hot black actresses 2010 – and for very good reason. 
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