10 Hot Brazilian Models

Here is a list of 10 hot Brazilian models. Brazil used to be known for carnivale, but in recent years buttock implants and bikini waxes have become its most talked about exports. Either way, hot women are usually involved in things when it comes to Brazil. Many beautiful women have emerged from the south American nation.

  1. Gisele Bundchen. Possibly the most famous model to have emerged from the conveyor belt of hot Brazilian models, Gisele combines a north European elegance with a sexy samba charm. If beauty can be measured in dollars then she is a stunner because Forbes magazine list her assets at $150 million dollars.
  2. Adrian Lima. Small is beautiful when you are talking about Adriana's breasts. The tanned beauty proves that you don't have to be big busted to be a hot Brazilian Model.
  3. Ana Paula Araujo. Ana established herself as a hot Brazilian model by wearing very little and looking sex in the 2007 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.
  4. Isabeli Fontana. Hot Brazilian, Isabeli fills the void left by Helena Christensen for a tall, distinctive, Amazonian model.
  5. Ana Barros. Ana has sleepy looking eyes that cause ones mind to wander and think of bed and related things. She certainly deserves a spot among the ten hottest Brazilian models.
  6. Aline Nakashima. What do you get if you mix Japan and Brazil ? Aline Nakashima. The Brazilian model has worked for Ralph Lauren and more importantly can be found on the catwalks of the world wearing revealing Victoria's secrets lingerie.
  7. Juliana Paes. Like many hot Brazilian models, Juliana has mixed ancestry and in her case the combination of Azeri mystery and south American sauciness produced a Kim Kardashian for the southern hemisphere.
  8. Karina Bachi. Hot model Karina has a lovely pair of coconuts and isn't afraid to show them in public. Blonde and big busted, this little firecracker could do carnivale all by herself.
  9. Raica Olivera. When you are nicknamed "The Sensation" while still a teenage model, then you are doing something right and Raica is raking in the cash with her appearances for Victoria's Secret. 
  10. Alessandra Ambrosio. Alessandra is a hot Brazilian model who looks uncannily like a young Cindy Crawford but without the mole. Cindy's mole was big enough for two people so we can live with hot model Alessandra just as she is.
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