10 Hot Commercial Actresses

If you enjoy watching television or movies, you may wonder a little bit about who may make the list of the 10 hot commercial actresses. You will surely recognize most of these ladies, and you may even be able to name some of their past or current projects.

  1. Jennifer Aniston: First up, we all fell in love with Jennifer in the popular hit show "Friends". Now we love in her in such movies as “Marley & Me”, “Along Came Polly”, and “The Break-Up”.
  2. Drew Barrymore: Many of us remember Drew as the cute little girl in the movie “ET”. Now she is all grown up and starring in such movies as "Poison Ivy”, “The Wedding Singer”, and “Charlie’s Angels”.
  3. Angelina Jolie: One of her biggest roles was to play opposite Brad Pitt in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". However, Angelina has many other credits to her name including “Gone in 60 Seconds”, and “Lara Craft: Tomb Raider.”
  4. Sandra Bullock: Many of us first fell in love with Sandra during such movies as “While You were Sleeping” and “Love Potion No. 9”. After her performance in "The Blind Side", and winning so many awards for it, we now see that she is not just America’s sweetheart, she is a dedicated actress.
  5. Nicole Kidman:  Nicole, who was once married to fellow actor Tom Cruise, is known for starring in such movies as “Dead Calm”, “Cold Mountain”, and “Birth”.
  6. Halle Berry: Halle is a model and actress. She is known for her roles in such movies as “Jungle Fever”, “Catwoman”, and “Die Another Day”.
  7. Jessica Alba: Jessica is both a model and actress known for starring in such movies as “The Fantastic Four”, “Sin City”, and “Good Luck Chuck”.
  8. Eva Longoria Parker: We know and love her for her part on "Desperate Housewives" as the scheming and always fun Gabrielle Solis. She is also a former daytime actress and model.
  9. Alyssa Milano: We first fell in love with Alyssa when she played a child on "Who's the Boss?". Then we loved her witching ways on “Charmed”. Soon, we may love her on her new television show “Romantically Challenged”.
  10. Cameron Diaz: Cameron has a sweet personality that we all seem to love. She has starred in many movies such as “Charlie’s Angels”, “Being John Malkovich”, and “Vanilla Sky.”



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