10 Hot Female Athletes Nude

There are plenty of lovely contestants who are worthy of making the 10 hot female athletes, nude or otherwise. Below is a list of ten sexy and sometimes controversial female athletes who have appeared nude in some form of public capacity. 

  1. Amanda Beard An Olympic gold medalist and record holder in the breaststroke, Beard decided to bare her breasts (along with about everything else) in the July 2007 issue of "Playboy." For those who are too cheap to bid on a copy from eBay, her nude photos can also be found on the internet. 
  2. Amy Acuff This Corpis Christi, Texas bombshell competed as an Olympic long jumper in the 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympics. She also bared it all in the September 2004 issue of "Playboy."
  3. Chyna In addition to appearing in "Playboy" on two different occasions, she decided to make a sex tape which was (surprise!) released to the public in 2004. 
  4. Gabrielle Reece In January 2001, this sexy professional volleyball player made men all over the world very happy when she decided to pose nude for "Playboy." In addition to her volleyball skills, Reece is also an accomplished golfer as she once tried out for the LPGA. 
  5. Kasia Selwand While curling may be one of the all-time boring sports, there is nothing boring about Selwand's nude spread in a 2005 calendar that was used to promote her sport. However, unless the ladies wear as little as they did in the calendar, curling will continue to be, well, curling. 
  6. Tamara Stocks Professional basketball player Tamara Stocks is the only WMBA player to pose nude for "Playboy." This ebon beauty can be seen wearing nothing but a pink top, while preparing a bowl of cereal, proving yet again that breakfast is indeed the most important meal.
  7. Esther Vergeer "ESPN The Magazine" recently featured Vergeer, a five time Paralympics champion, in its annual Body Issue. This stunningly gorgeous paraplegic proves that disabled women can be extremely sexy. 
  8. Melissa Berry Those who do not view lingerie football players as athletes have obviously never seen them in action. It cannot be easy running and tackling opponents in outrageously skimpy outfits, while trying to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. A linebacker for the Tampa Breeze, Berry is believed to be the hottest player in the league. Lucky for us she had a douche as a boyfriend who allegedly posted nude photos of her without her consent. 
  9. Candice Michelle A former WWE wrestler and Go Daddy girl, Michelle's lovely nude body can be found in the April 2006 issue of "Playboy." And, you guessed it, on the internet.
  10. Tonya Harding Many may ask how one of America's favorite trailer trash celebrities can be mentioned on the same list as the above beautiful athletes? The answer is simple. It's because she is a trailer trash celebrity. For proof, all one has to do is view her sex tape with ex-husband Jeff Gillooly. Despite Harding's saggy breasts and pasty backside, this video is one of those guilty pleasures that we must indulge in.
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