10 Hot Female Country Singers

It's no easy task picking the 10 hot female country singers. Whether you're looking for a sweet girl next door or a redneck woman who can match you whiskey shot for whiskey shot, Nashville's got it all. And today's country women aren't just fun to look at — these 10 hot country music stars can pick and sing, too.

  1. Carrie Underwood. Without a doubt, "American Idol" winner Carrie Underwood is the hottest woman in country music. This multi-Grammy winning blonde not only makes our hearts (and pants) flutter; she's proven she has the musical chops to make it in Nashville. Just beware: she'll slash your tires and carve up your truck seat if you cheat on her.
  2. Taylor Swift. American manhood breathed a collective sigh of relief when this country music prodigy turned eighteen. Part sweet, part sultry, she's like that friend of your little sister that you had impure thoughts about growing up. But, she's more than blonde curls and blue eyes. Taylor got her first songwriting job at fourteen and has continued to pen hits ever since — even being crowned Songwriter of the Year. Plus, she went toe to toe with Kanye West and came out looking like a class act.
  3. Miranda Lambert. This Texas firecracker is the perfect blend of country cutie and backwoods no-nonsense woman. In hits like "Kerosene" and "Gunpowder and Lead," Miranda shoots straight from the hip. (Literally. She likes to deer hunt.) Is there anything that's not sexy about a woman who can play guitar and shoot a 12-gauge? Fiance Blake Shelton is a lucky, lucky man!
  4. Faith Hill. She may be a little older than some of the other country hotties on the list, but Faith Hill just keeps getting better with age. With five Grammy nods, this mom of three has shown the ability to balance career and family. And admit it — there's something even the toughest dude finds sweet about listening to her and hubby Tim McGraw sing to each other.
  5. Hilary Scott. The Lady Antebellum frontwoman is a heartbreaker whether she's sporting blonde or brunette locks. As enjoyable as she is to look at, the way she can belt out hits like "Need You Now" is what really makes her hot. She's a newcomer compared to the other ladies on the list, but it's unlikely we've seen or heard the last of Hilary.
  6. Gretchen Wilson. She's one hot redneck woman, and if you ask her nicely, she'll show off the undies she got "on a Walmart shelf half price." Gretchen's no-nonsense attitude and her Skoal ring make good ol' boys' uh, hearts pound everywhere.
  7. Jennifer Nettles. Outspoken and smokin' hot, the Sugarland frontwoman gets the attention of all the guys and the gals. Nettles is proud of her large lesbian following, and her songs have become anthems for women of any orientation. After winning a Grammy for her duet with Bon Jovi, she saw another of her songs become the "Good Morning America" theme.
  8. The Dixie Chicks. Ok, maybe it's cheating since there are three of them, but who can pick the hottest Chick? Whether you agree with their politics or not, these are three fine, talented women. And we'd bet our money on them in a fight with Toby Keith any day.
  9. Trisha Yearwood. Otherwise known as Mrs. Garth Brooks, Trisha's never been the hard-bodied, midriff baring type like some of the other hotties on the list, but her real-woman curves are what makes her extra hot. That million-dollar smile doesn't hurt either.
  10. Shania Twain. It's been a while since she put out an album, but who cares? Shania's sultry eyes and dark beauty make any man glad to be a man of hers. No one in the 90s did more for the ripped jeans look than this Canadian temptress.
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